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Dubai Airport is Now the Busiest Airport in the World

Finally the day has come which we all are waiting for, Dubai International Airport has become the Busiest Airport in World. According to DailyMail report, Dubai Airport overtook Heathrow Airport’s 350 years of Supremacy and has recorded more international passengers for three months in a row. The quarterly results from the airports reveal that Dubai is going to overtake Heathrow for the whole of this year easily.

Dubai Airport - Worlds Busiest Airport

Figures for first 2 months of 2014 shows that Dubai International Airport recorded 2 millions more passengers than Heathrow Airport with a growth rate of 13.5%. For last 5 years Dubai International Airport and its Official Airline Emirates has shown significant achievements like Emirates Airline Rated as the World’s Best Airline of the Year 2013 and Dubai International Airport has become the World’s Favorite Airport.

Dubai Airports Authority are planning to increase passengers numbers from 60-90millions over the next 4 years. They have already started to working on projects like constructing an additional terminal space and concourse twice the size of Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5. Keep in mind that Dubai Airport’s Terminal 3 is already the largest terminal in the world and has the 2nd largest floor area of any building on the planet.

Jim Krane, Gulf Specialist at Rice University and author of “Dubai: The Story of World’s Fastest City”, said: “Dubai really is in a sweet spot as far as global travel goes. While Heathrow is a break between North America and Europe, Dubai sits in between the far bigger population centres of Asia. Anyone flying West from Asia will fly over the Persian gulf. It has set itself up as a venus fly trap for international travel.”

Jim Krane also admits that the speed of growth is impressive. He said: “In the 80s, when Heathrow was already booming, the airport was just a couple of metal sheds with some guys hand-stamping tickets. Dubai couldn’t actually get enough flights to come to it, which is why they ended up founding their own airline. It really is a fairytale for them that they’ve now overtaken Heathrow and become the busiest airport in the world.”

Only last year its been reported that Dubai Airport will become 3rd Busiest Airport in World by 2020. Look how fast Dubai Airport become the Worlds Busiest Airport. Speed of growth is magnificent, Hats off for the authority for their hard work and great achievement.

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