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Dubai to add 12,200 Hectares of Green Spaces by Dubai 2020

Dubai Municipality Authority announced yesterday that by Dubai 2020, Dubai is projecting to double the green spaces in Dubai. Dubai Municipality’s Dubai 2020 vision has projected a total of 12,200 hectares of green space through landscaping and horticulture projects all over in Dubai City.

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Kamal Mohammad Azayem, Mechanical Engineering Expert at Building Studies Section of the Municipality, revealed the project of seven years from today. According to the project Municipality will use nearly 380sqkm of the emirate for cultivation purposes. These plans are part of the civic body’s efforts to enhance the green and scenic corridors of the emirate and preserve the natural environment which form the framework for a sustainable future.

According to the Director General of Dubai Municipality, Hussain Nasser Lootah, said the total green space in Dubai has increased by over 4 million square meters in last three years.

“This is set to grow in line with the Government’s commitment to creating more sustainable outdoor environments. The UAE currently stipulates that nearly 25% of the project development area must be set aside for landscaping, in addition to various emirates across the country focusing on building new parks and landscaped zones. Statistics from Dubai Municipality highlight this trend. Over the last 30 years in Dubai alone, the number of landscaping projects completed per year has risen by over 600%.”

Along with increasing the green areas, the department aims to use the best and most suitable plants available to give a wonderful view for the roads and intersections in the city of Dubai in preparation to welcome the prestigious Expo2020 event, the municipality had announced in December.

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