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5 Life Changing Tips for Desert Adventures in Dubai

Deserts have a very special place on the canvas of this beautiful Earth. There are people that prefer the mountain side of that picture, then there are also those that have found the attraction that lies within the sands and dunes. Especially if you are from a place that has cruel winters, the warmth of the desert only sounds more pleasing. Desert adventures in Dubai owned by people that satisfy their wandering thirst in these deserts. Once you discover the peace that fills your soul whilst sitting under the wide sky gazing the beautifully lit sky, the thirst can only increase.

If you have found your calling to experience the harsh beauty of the world and feel the sand in your feet, there are some things that you ought to keep in mind. Without precautions, a desert adventure can quickly go downhill and become downright dangerous.

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Desert Adventures in Dubai

Here we are going to list five life changing tips to enjoy desert adventures in Dubai.

1. Keep It Covered

Every time people listen to the word desert, the first thing that pops into their head is thirst. This is where the first mistake is made. It is not water, but the sun that you will encounter first of all. Exposure to the burning sun can cause you damage even before the thirst gets a chance.

The best way is to tackle that is to keep the lid on. Have a hat or a piece of cloth covering your head at all times. And this is not just restricted to your head, but to your entire body.

2. Drink, Don’t Guzzle

First of all, make sure that you have a lot of water when you set out to camp in a desert. And then, hold your horses (or camels?) while drinking it. You are going to get thirsty, that’s a given, but the trick is to not guzzle up all the water at the very first sign of dryness.

Start by taking small sips. You can easily tell your need for water by the color of your urine. Light color indicated that you are absolutely fine, and can probably go on a little more without water. But if it is dark colored, then it means that you can probably use a few sips.

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3. Respect Your Limits

There is only so much you can talk with a dry mouth. When you are out experiencing the harsh beauty, respect the heat. Don’t do anything that would cause dehydration. This includes eating as less as you can, avoiding alcohol, and most importantly talking.

Keep the moisture in your body as much as you can. When moving, try not to hustle so that you start sweating, and try to keep your mouth closed as much as possible so that the rate of dehydration remains as low as possible.

4. Camp before Nightfall

The nights on the sands are just as cold as the days are warm. At one point the cooling temperature is a relief, but then the temperature keeps dropping till you are shivering. You want to be cozied up and in a shelter with some warmth around that is why it is better than you camp before the nightfall.

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5. Strength in Union

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you stay together. Nothing can go wrong as badly as separating from your herd. Keep up your pace with your group, make sure all members are catching up and no one is left behind.

Now that you know all the things that you needed to survive among the sand dunes and the cool night breezes you can appreciate the beauty that the sand grains and the twinkling stars have to offer.

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