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10 Smart Ways to Save Money in Dubai While Shopping Online

In recent years with the help of Social Media Dubai has evolved itself as one of the major hubs for the online shopping portals. According to a recent report 62% people in UAE shop online and it is expected that e-commerce market will touch the mark of $10 billion by 2020. Nowadays there are many online shopping portals who are trying their best to provide the best products right at your doorstep and help you to save money in Dubai.

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Tips to Save Money in Dubai While Shopping Online

Here we are presenting some awesome online shopping tips which can help you to save a handsome amount while shopping online.

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1. Use Coupon Codes UAE

Almost all online shopping website in Dubai offers coupon codes or promo codes which gives instant discounts during checkout. However, these coupon codes are for very limited time period. So you should search for authenticated coupon sites like Picodi and ASAAN which offers exclusive discount codes and the best promotions for your favorite online stores like Souq, Namshi, Noon, Fly Dubai, Tajawal, Mabruqq and more.. These kind of websites provide coupon codes all around the year which you can use on all big stores and can save money while doing shopping online. You just need to register or subscribe to these websites and you will receive all latest promo notifications in your email inbox.

2. Use Cashback Websites

Cashback Offers Dubai

Another popular way to save money is by using Cashback while doing online shopping. Almost all big shopping websites offer instant cashback if you make payment through debit Card or Credit Card. Usually, the websites give cashback up to 10% while some sites give more than 10% cashback during some seasonal offers.

3. Join Social Media Pages for Deals

Social Media Pages Dubai

With 99% presence among people in UAE social media is the best place to get deals and discounts at shopping websites. Almost all shopping websites have their presence on social media sites and time to time they offer deals and discounts on their pages. So join your favourite shopping website’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook pages to keep an eye on the deals it offers.

4. Do Research before Buying

online shopping Research in Dubai

It is always recommended that you should do proper research before purchasing a product. This is another advantage of shopping online that you can do all the research while sitting at your home. There is a lot of possibilities that your selected product is a lot cheaper on another website even if it is included in the Sale. To save money you should double-check the prices at other websites before making the transaction. Because of high competition, online shopping websites are always offering big discounts on the products.

5. Install Shopping Apps

Shopping Apps Dubai

Like following social media pages there is another way to keep an eye on the latest promotions and discounts is installing shopping apps. In Dubai, there are many apps which can help you find the best deals and can help you save a lot of money. Shopping apps like ShopSavvy, Awok shopping App, Dubai Mall shopping App, Souq shopping app etc.

6. Keep Yourself Updated with Latest Promotions

Shopping Latest Promos Dubai

With the help of coupon sites like Picodi and Groupon, you can get all the latest promotions and offers from popular websites. Another big advantage of using these kinds of websites is that you can explore all your required promotion codes at one place and in a very short time period without wasting much time. For example, if you are looking for a coupon code or promo code from a particular website then just click on the link and you will get all the offers that website is currently offering. Just avail the code and save a lot of money.

7. Avail Seasonal Discounts

Seasonal Sale in Dubai

To keep their sale volume at high almost all online shopping websites offers seasonal discount offers. Black Friday, Ramadan Offers, Spring Festival is an example of these kinds of discount sales. But once again it is highly recommended that you should do full research before purchasing any product. Like some websites offer a 30% discount and other website offers %70 discount on the same product.

8. Use Shopping Cart Smartly

Shopping Cart Dubai

Another smart way to shopping online is that do not place an order right away. Instead, add the product in your cart and wait for a few hours or maybe for the whole day. There is a possibility that some websites might send you a discount offer or special coupon code by email so that they would not lose you.

9. Always Check Historical Prices

historical prices check

As mentioned earlier that you should do full research before purchasing anything even if it says “80% on Sale”. You should keep track of the historical prices of that product also. Like some websites offer Sale prices all around the year that means the price is not actually dropped but it is same as last month even if it is tagged as a SALE price.

10. E-Bargaining May Work

ebargain dubai

Yes, this is correct, You can get special discounts from small websites if you bargain with them on their Chat service or on the Phone call. So if you think you have good bargaining skill and can save more money you should try this also as you do in Malls. There are high chances that you can checkout with a very good deal.


So by using the above tips, you can save up to 30% on online shopping. You can always search for coupon or promo codes online. Just google it or use coupon websites, there are 100% chances that you will find your discount code easily.

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