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Shopping in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai: 7 Tips to shop wisely in Dubai

People from all around the world visit Dubai for shopping. There are a lot of reasons behind this but the best of all is the variation in the stock they see in Dubai. Not only they find all the brands of the world in here but also, they get everything very inexpensive as well. In short, it is a win, win for everyone who visits Dubai for shopping.

Different people have different choices. Some go for simple dresses while some want them heavy and stuffed. In Dubai, you will get it all ranging from simple and modest dresses to bold and beautiful ones.

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Top Tips for Shopping in Dubai

Here we will tell you some amazing tips and tricks of shopping wisely in Dubai. It will help you a lot when you are at your shopping spree. Let us have a look below:

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1. Avail Seasonal Discounts

Shopping Festivals in Dubai

Shopping is a whole new experience in Dubai. You get everything under one roof with great quality assurance. Now what you need to do is look for the discounts. You can also choose a particular time range where you will be able to get benefited from more discounts. This will help you a lot in getting great stuff at a very low price. Even if you are planning a trip to Dubai, you should still search for sales. This way you will be able to reach Dubai by the time everything is put up on amazing discounted prices.

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2. Join Social Media Pages

Social Media Dubai

We all cannot deny the fact that social media now plays a huge part in our lives. The way we get dressed, the way we perceive things and the way we want ourselves to be… all of it comes with the social media pages we follow. If you want to make the best out of the pages you follow, you should really follow some with great shopping tricks. They will help you buy better products. You may get some amazing discount codes as well that way. Coupon market has grown tremendously in recent years and new technologies are making it million dollars industry.

You can simply add/ show those codes while shopping and you are good to go. Seeking help from a branding agency in Dubai is not something alien anymore. A lot of businesses seek different ways to make their company grow. So, if you join the right pages, you may get better advertisements through the companies which may appear to be very helpful for your shopping spree.

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3. Buy Duty-Free Products

Duty Free Shops in Dubai

You can find several things in Dubai on which you will not have to pay any duty fee. These may include perfumes chocolates, dry fruits, sweets and more. So, if you have to take along some gifts for your family and friends, you must count on the things where you will not have to pay extra charges. For other products like gold, some countries like India may charge duty after a certain threshold.

Make sure that you know about such stuff before checking into the airport or else you will have to pay a lot of heavy-duty charges which you would never want to.

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4. Research Before Buying

Research Before Buying

Do not rush yourself into anything. Carry out proper research for anything you want to buy. There are chances that you may get something you are looking for in a better price range. In this way, you can be able to choose the best product for yourself.

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5. Buy Watches

Buy Watches in Dubai

You can buy brand new luxury watches at a very reasonable rate in Dubai. Are you thinking about how is it even possible? Well, you can get the watches from unofficial retailers where the percentage will get reduced to about 20-25%.

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6. Buy Gold

Buy Gold in Dubai

The price of gold in Dubai is quite lesser than that of other countries. Also, the quality of gold is very good too. So, you can get plenty of gold for yourself without having to pay a lot of charges. One more thing that you should keep in mind while buying gold is that you must check if your country has any restrictions on bringing gold from Dubai or not. We also have written an article regarding top places from where to buy gold in Dubai. This will give you in-depth detail while buying gold in Dubai.

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7. Choose the Right Mall

Shopping Malls in Dubai

There is a huge number of malls in Dubai. All you need is to get your facts clear and know which type of shopping do you want to go for. This will help you a lot in getting an idea which mall you should count on. In this way, you will not have to rush from one place to the next finding things you like. All you would have to do is choose the mall of your choice and you will be good to go with everything you need. it will become easier than ever for you.

There are a number of malls you can count on in Dubai. There you can buy anything you want. Such malls may include Dubai Gold Souk, DragonMart, Wafi Mall, Karama Shopping Center, Al Fahidi Street and so much more. You can find anything you want in these malls.

Dubai Gold Souk
If you want to buy gold than there is no better place in the world than the Dubai Gold Souk. It is located in the area of Deira and has more than 300 jewellers shops in the market. There are other gold shops in Dubai but the best price you can only found at Dubai Gold Souk.

Al Fahidi Street
Al Fahidi Street is the best place to buy Mobile Phones, Laptops, Cameras, Electronics and home appliance at cheaper prices. The market is located in Bur Dubai and most of the shops are owned by Indians. As soon as you entered Al Fahidi Street it feels like you have entered an Indian Market. However, It is highly advisable to ask for the international warranty card and also don’t forget to check if the products are fake or genuine.

Karama Shopping Center
Karama Shopping Center is one of the oldest shopping complexes in Dubai. It was built in 1975 at Karama District, One of Dubai oldest residential area. The complex has been renovated with the time and you can never have the feeling that you have entered an old shopping centre. In fact, You must visit this shopping centre if you love art.

Dragon Mart
If you want to take souvenirs for the family and friends than there is no better place than the DragonMart. DragonMart is located at International City Al Awir Road. It is the largest Chinese traders hub in the world outside China. You will find almost everything in the market at very low price.

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Final Words

You can find anything you want in Dubai. All you need is to be very mindful about everything you buy. If you are a tourist, you must be aware of your country’s laws as well. If you are allowed to take a certain thing of a certain weight with you, you should surely go for it but if not, you should reconsider it. Dubai is full of great places. You will get every designer brand there. There you wouldn’t just shop but also enjoy your shopping at the bets because of the beautiful buildings.

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Everything you find in Dubai will be up to the mark. You should pay a visit even if its just for shopping. You will surely not regret it at all.

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