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25 Amazing Things in Dubai You Probably Don’t Know Yet

Dubai has gained an extraordinarily prominence in the world, especially in last two decades. But still there are some amazing things in Dubai which people commonly don’t know. Its lavish life style, wonder things, eye catching spots, amazing markets, world amusements and amazement all these amazing things makes Dubai one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

Amazing Things in Dubai

If you wanted to know these 25 amazing things in Dubai follow the article.

1. Dubai Produces 4.5 Olympic Swimming Pools of Oil per day

Oil Industry in Dubai

Dubai produces giant amount of oil on daily basis that is 50,000 to 70,000 barrels, which is approximately 11,000 m3. This is equal to 4.4 Olympic swimming pools that is very great.

2. Dubai Loves Camel Racing

Dubai had been very famous for camel racing as it is the tradition of Arabs. Amazing thing is that it is still very popular among locals. Every visitor of Dubai should have experienced the camel racing. Manifold camels ran across the sea of sand. Their supporters ran across the track alongside the camel running track to boost up the energy of their animal. Camels are the creature of desert and are rode by Arab’s since very long for multi purposes. So Dubai is famous for Arabian tradition of camel racing.

3. Dubailand proposed to open in Dubai

Dubai is planned to open up the theme park called Dubailand before Dubai Expo 2020. Dubailand after opening will be two times the size of the biggest Disneyland in Shanghai. Its cost is estimated 64.3 billion dollar to build. The land will increase the Dubai tourists’ manifolds making it the world focal point. Dubailand project was proposed after Disneyland refused to open their park in Dubai.

4. Dubai Average Rainfall is Just over 3.5 inches a Year

Rainfall in Dubai

As Dubai is situated on the coastline of the Persian Gulf, its humidity remains high throughout the year. So when there is more humidity there is likely more chances of less rainfall. So its average rainfall is just 3.5 inches almost a year. The rainfall period is very small and irregular.

5. UAE and Dubai was part of UK before Independence

UAE is a federation and is established in 1971. Many wars were fought at the coastline to conquer the region. This resulted in forming coalition with Trucial Rulers and UK. They agreed to a pact they will not form any relationship with any other country except UK without its consent and in return UK will protect the UAE from foreign attacks of any country. The treaty was expired on December 1, 1971 and Ruler of Dubai and Abu Dhabi decided to form a union of their emirates. Later on other five emirates joined these two and become a state called United Arab Emirates. So according to the constitution December 2, 1971 is celebrated as the Independence Day.

6. Burj Khalifa can be seen from 100 km Away

Burj Khalifa from 100 miles

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building of the world. It is three times of the height of Eiffel tower. This astonishing building can be seen 100 kilometers away from the building. On contrary from the height of this building you can see the curve of the earth. Burj Khalifa is now become the symbol of Dubai for many years now. So this is the one amazing things in Dubai you should do during your visit to Dubai.

7. Dubai doesn’t have Street Addresses

Dubai Street Address Codes

According to the official announcement amazing things in Dubai is that the City doesn’t have street addresses because the government has assigned the code system to every single building, square and roads to approach the proper address. If you have to meet someone you must know the PO Box code of that particular person not the address. Almost 130,000 buildings have been assigned codes and government is trying to code the whole city.

8. Dubai is the safest city in the World

According to world economic forum (WEO) Dubai is one of the safest city of the world and is ranked third in the list. In account of economic activities, natural calamities, life security and many others Dubai is the safest place to live in the world.

9. 90% of population are consist of Expats

Expats in Dubai

According to a survey almost 90% of Dubai’s population is consist of expats. All the economic activities are organized by the world class people. They hire labor and professionals from all over the world. All the construction is done by world class architectures. All the activities of Dubai is done by expats. So almost 90% of its population consist of expats.

10. 70% of Population is Male

Male Population in Dubai

According to the recent survey Dubai’s population has increased. Of its increased population men are more in numbers. Three out of four are men and one is women. This imbalance is seen in its population’s count.

11. Metro Dubai is the Longest Driverless Metro in the World

Dubai Metro

Dubai is one of the metro cities of the world with driverless metro system or computer operated metro is run across the city. It’s the Dubai’s longest route to take the passengers all across the city. Dubai Metro was the first step to make the City as the smartest city in the world.

12. Dubai was built on Pearl Diving

Before the oil Pearl diving was the profession Dubai was known with. During 19th Century and early 20th Century Pearl industry got boomed in whole Persian gulf. However during World War I and then World War II had a sever impact on the industry. Most of locals were related to this industry until 1930, before the oil discovered in 1960s. Though Dubai economy got boomed after the Oil Discovery, However the ruler HRH Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum used revenue from trading activities to build infrastructure. And still now 70% of Dubai revenue is coming from non-oil industry. This is quite opposite to people who thinks that Dubai was built on Oil.

13. 39% of Burj al Arab is Wasted Space

Burj al Arab

It’s a fact that 39% of the burj al Arab space is inhabited. It is one the fourth largest building of the world. On the contrary it is the most expensive building of the world. Most of the people cannot afford to live in it. So that’s why its most of the space remain emptied.

14. Gold Traded in Dubai is Weight More than 354 Elephants

According to a report total gold present in Dubai’s markets is equal to the size of the 354 elephants. One African bush elephant is equal to 6000 kilograms means that 2124000 kilograms gold is present in the markets of Dubai.

15. Dubai has 0% tax

Zero Tax in Dubai

Dubai offers very easy business policies having no burden of taxes making it the one of the most attractive place to start business in it.

16. 20% of the world Cranes Operates in Dubai

Cranes in Dubai

Dubai is developing when we talk to its construction projects. Huge constructions are in process in Dubai, for this purpose Dubai imports cranes from the world on large scale. Conferring to a report 16.20% cranes around the world are functioning in Dubai.

17. Ski Dubai is the Largest Snow Park in the World

Ski Dubai is the largest snow park in the world present in the emirates mall of Dubai. People used to skate in the indoor snow park.

18. Dubai mall is The Largest Shopping Mall in the world

Dubai Mall is the Largest Shopping Mall in the World and world class shopping and eating spot. Park and entertainment are available in it. In 2013 Dubai Mall became the most visited destination in the World.

19. Dubai Dragon Mart is the Largest Chinese Market outside China

Dragon mart is the largest chines market in the world outside the china. It provides a wide variety of Chinese products and goods to the Dubai dwellers.

20. Dubai has the Highest Rate of Population Increase

Dubai Population Increase

Population of Dubai is in increasing trend. There are number of factors that are affecting its population growth. One main factor is that expats are constantly shifting in Dubai. Other factors include large number of facilities it is providing, luxurious living, business opportunities and many others.

21. Dubai has Luxury Cars Graveyard

There are large number of luxury cars running on the roads of Dubai. After the recession in year 2008 many expats left the country without paying their rent or loan payments. So What happened to these cars? Dubai has the graveyard of luxury cars. Which is the final destination of these cars.

22. Princess Tower is the 2nd Tallest Residential Building in the World

Princess Tower was the tallest residential building in the world till 2015 when 432 Park Avenue in New York City taken the owner on its completion. Not many people knows that Princess tower is the 2nd largest building in Dubai after Burj Khalifa and 20th largest building in the world. It is named on the name of the Princess of Dubai.

23. Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport is the Largest Airport Terminal in the World

At Dubai international airport terminal 3 is the largest terminal of the world. It is the partially underground terminal. A crowd of passengers can accommodate in it. And numerous checks are there for services.

24. Dubai has the Lowest Unemployment Rate in the World

Dubai Lowest Unemployment Rate

Dubai is an economic hub. There are large number of development and construction activities are going on. People from all over the world come there for employment commitments. Even Dubai import its labor from counties like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh etc. so Dubai comes in the top list of having lowest unemployment rate in the world.

25. Dubai was developed without proper drain system and Trucks are brought to carry away sewage to dump outside city

Dubai Wastage System

Dubai was not having a systematized sewage network until 2013. On the contrary, a large number of trucks are used to gather waste of the city from every building and to dispose off in the sewage treatment plants. This one amazing things in Dubai that probably officials hided from the world for so many years.

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