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Invisalign in Dubai: The Best Way to Get a Perfect Smile

As the demand for aesthetic treatments is increasing, more people are seeking alternatives to fixed orthodontic appliances. Invisalign in Dubai is an aesthetic and comfortable option for orthodontic treatment and has gained immense popularity over the last decade.

The great news is that orthodontic procedures are available in dentistry to treat all your smile-related concerns, in addition to maintaining your attractive smile, aligning your teeth also can improve your oral health by reducing chances of caries and other dental problems.

Genuine smiles come from the heart, but gorgeous smiles are the result of properly positioned teeth.

Why Straighter Teeth Are Desired

Because many people think straightening their teeth will boost their confidence and look, they are pushed to do so. Your facial features can certainly change with a new smile. A straight smile can increase your confidence in social and professional settings and add to the beauty of your features.

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Invisalign in Dubai: The Best Options for Straighten teeth

Teeth Straighten in Dubai

Invisalign in Dubai is a great choice that can be the best one for you. They are designed to fit over your teeth more smoothly, more comfortably, and as invisible as possible. To help your teeth adjust over time, you exchange trays rather than wires or rubber bands which comprise your aesthetics.

A set of personalised clear aligners called Invisalign can help straighten your teeth without the use of conventional braces with wires and metal. Before moving on to the next set in the series, you usually wear each set of aligners for around two weeks. The aligners will gradually and minutely move your teeth during that period. Your dentist will identify your unique requirements and choose how long your treatment plan should last. During treatment, you can take out your custom aligners to eat, drink, brush, and floss your teeth.

In order to use clear aligners, you must adhere to specific guidelines and limitations that are different from those that are linked with braces, such as:

  • Removing them while you eat
  • Brushing your teeth before re-inserting the aligners
  • Putting on your aligners for 22–24 hours each day

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What issues can aligners treat?

Teeth Aligner Treatment

Aligners can now be used to restore both complicated and basic misalignments. Due to their more aesthetic look than traditional braces, they are becoming more and more popular among patients and dentists. The following are some issues that an Invisalign Aligner can resolve:

Deep bite:
When the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth by more than 30%.

When one or more of your bottom teeth are positioned outside of your upper teeth rather than in their normal place (inside the top teeth).

Open bite:
When your top and bottom teeth do not touch when your mouth is fully closed, either at the front or the back.

When there are gaps in between your teeth that are not desirable.

When there is not enough room in the jaws for the teeth to line up properly and in their right locations.

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The Benefits of Invisalign Aligner

Benefits of Invisalign aligner

In comparison to braces, aligners have many advantages. Let’s examine a few of them:

In relation to braces, aligners are almost invisible. They are clear and manufactured specifically to fit your teeth.

You are spared from the continuous pricks and discomfort because there are no metal brackets or wire. When you change to a new set of aligners, you will only experience a small amount of pressure at first. You won’t even notice your aligners are in your mouth once your teeth have adjusted.

Duration of treatment:
Aligner treatments often take less time to complete on average than braces treatments do. However, the severity of the case and the physician’s diagnosis also are factors to consider. However, anyone with a busy lifestyle will greatly benefit from aligner treatments.

Dental Hygiene:
Brushing and flossing are really simple while using clear aligners. There is no additional work involved, and no special flossing tool is required. So, using transparent aligners for oral hygiene is preferable to using invisible braces.

Although Invisalign are more expensive, most dental offices provide flexible or monthly payment options to make the procedure very accessible and affordable for everyone.

Food restrictions and diet:
You will need to follow a strict diet and stay away from items that are hard or sticky, such as popcorn, almonds, pizza crust, chips, and chewing gum. With aligners, however, your diet won’t be impacted and you’ll be able to eat all the meals you love by simply taking out your braces when it’s time to eat.

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How effective are clear aligners?

With clear Aligners, are the results guaranteed? This is the question that is asked the most at the orthodontics centre.

Invisalign in Dubai work just as well as braces and provide guaranteed results. It is currently the most popular way to straighten teeth in the world. Aligners have helped millions of patients achieve their ideal smiles. A high level of patient compliance is all that is needed for aligners, so not everyone who expresses interest is a viable candidate—especially if their motivation level and willingness to receive treatment falter. Therefore, determining patient compliance is crucial to the efficacy of treatment. Before starting the aligner journey, the patient must be informed of this.

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How can invisible Invisalign correct teeth?
How do aligners function?

How do aligners function?

Step1: Make an appointment to see your orthodontist.
Contact us on our website to find a local orthodontist you can rely on for your treatment. Share your concerns about the alignment as it is and the modifications you would like to see in your smile. Your orthodontist will inspect your mouth, do any required X-rays, and assess your case.

Step 2: 3-D scan
Once your orthodontist determines that your case can be treated with aligners, either a full mouth digital scan or teeth impressions are taken. This quickly and precisely captures the teeth’s present position.

Step 3: Digital setup
To create a unique 3-D treatment plan based on the malocclusion of the teeth and X-rays, a highly complex interactive application that straightens teeth using data from scans or impressions. The tool also provides 3D models of a newly obtained smile from every angle. Before the start of the therapy, the aligner therapy results are provided to the referring orthodontist, along with any unachievable treatment objectives.

Step 4: Manufacturing and delivering 3D aligners
All sets of aligner trays are created with an orthodontist’s permission, and sequential numbers are laser marked on each tray before being packaged and distributed.

Step 5: Get your aligners.
The majority of the time, the entire box of aligners is delivered to the patient. If extra dental work is needed, however, certain sessions can be scheduled with an orthodontist, in which case each new pair is supplied at the dental office.

Step 6: Display that gorgeous smile.
Your smile is prepared to be displayed once therapy is through, exactly as you imagined it in the 3D software before the treatment ever began.

How long does it take to straighten teeth?

Straight teeth can usually be achieved in 6 to 15 months with treatment using aligners.

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Are you prepared for a gorgeous new smile? If you want to straighten your teeth but aren’t sure which procedure to choose, we can help! Any queries you have about aligners will be addressed by our specialists at Invisalign Dubai, who will also go over the full teeth-straightening procedure.

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