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Could Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Correct Baldness in Dubai?

Hair replacement in Dubai has become the fastest way of restoring your crowning glory. It is not as expensive as the traditional surgical procedure, but it can give you the most natural-looking restored hair.

For people who don’t want to undergo surgery, this is the best alternative. While hairpieces may be among the most inexpensive choices, hair replacement may provide a more no-fuss and easier to manage hair loss remedy.

The limited choices on medications and treatment for alopecia resulted in more advanced studies. This further led to discovering a more viable hair replacement option, non-surgical, and inexpensive.

Surgical hair transplantation is a proven technique to hair redistribution, but there are limitations to the procedure.

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Non-Surgical Hair Transplantation Procedure

Non-Surgical Hair Transplantation

The procedure involves attaching a thin transparent layer of polyurethane to the scalp. This will form a tight membrane, which will act as the “second layer of the skin”. The membrane had first been implanted with human hair. The replacement human hair is customized to match the color, density, direction, hair wave, including crown and parting breaks of real hair.

From the initial “design stage”, to say that a hair replacement procedure was a success after eight weeks, the hair should begin to grow from the individually knotted or injected implants into the base of the replacement membrane.
Revolutionary hair replacement treatment systems carefully provide a fine layer of skin for the scalp, that it literally becomes an actual extension to the epidermis. This replacement membrane is almost undetectable and lightweight. This transparent polyurethane membrane, which doctors refer to as liquid skin, allows a patient’s underlying scalp skin to become visible. It also provides a more natural appearance at the crown and natural partings.

“The advantage of modern non-surgical hair replacement is its distinct non-intrusive attachment. It enables the recipient to engage in sports and water activities without worrying that the replacement hair will come off any moment”, Quoted by Ms. Noor, a hair specialist from Apollo Hair, which offers non-surgical hair replacement in Dubai, a unique service in the UAE.

Non-surgical replacement procedures are popular with sportsmen and famous celebrities.

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Advancements in Technology

Hair Replacement Technology

Continuous researches, developments and technological advancements resulted in modern hair replacement systems that make the infamous and unnatural hair pieces a thing of the distant past. After all, these natural hair replacement procedures are more advanced and reliable than the traditional removable toupee or wig.

Everything is natural and real because the construction of the replacement membrane needs the creation of a mold (or template) of the patient’s scalp. It is important that identical replication of the scalp is done including the contours that form imprints that are utilized in creating the transparent polyurethane layer.

Thus, the hair replacement membrane becomes a perfect fit to the patient’s scalp. Customizing the scalp templates will allow the hair replacement to penetrate just the affected area, which needs hair regrowth. In effect, it successfully restores bilateral temporal recession, crown thinning, and in more advanced cases, enables the gradual restoration of a head full of hair.

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There are replacement membranes that are available from “off-the-shelf” that are cheaper in terms of cost than the standard-sized replacement membranes. However, since these membranes have been pre-made, they are only created using standard sizes. It will be highly likely that they will not be exact fits to different patients. Considering that the process should be precise, patients should think twice before making a purchase.

The replacement membranes used are translucent and hypoallergenic. This allows skin-tight adhesion to the scalp. The procedure itself is painless and non-intrusive. The adhesive used is resilient to water and sweat. There is a porous membrane, which allows the epidermis to breathe naturally. It also ensures that it is clean and safe to use.

Patients should remember that the hair replacement systems are to be detached, cleaned, maintained and reattached approximately every 4 weeks.

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