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Legal Reforms For Unexpected Pregnancy Out Of Marriage in UAE

The UAE’s most significant changes to the legal reforms were announced back in 2020. Now the consensual sexual relationships are not illegal anymore in the UAE. The government has also said that children born out of wedlock will receive proper recognition and care.

It has been reported that any couple with a child born out of marriage will be required to “marry or singly or jointly acknowledge” the newborn. The child will receive when the couple meets the requirements and guidelines. Failing these requirements can lead to criminal cases and would ultimately result in a sentence of two years of imprisonment for both correspondents.

These reforms will be effective from January 2 and include over 40 new laws with far-reaching consequences for UAE life.

Unexpected Pregnancy Out Of Marriage

The new provisions in the UAE Penal Law allow parents to have children from a couple. The law provides that any person who has had sexual intercourse with a woman over 18 years old, which results in the birth or care of a child, will be sentenced to a minimum of two years of imprisonment. However, the couple will not be charged with any criminal offences if they are married or admit to parenthood, jointly or separately.

They must issue the passport and official documents for the baby in compliance with the new laws in the country where the parents are citizens and follow the UAE laws as well.

However, some citizens of the UAE believe that the new law makes it a crime not to acknowledge a child born outside of marriage. Parents would be guilty of a crime in this case if they fail to acknowledge the birth of their child if they are not legally married.

Best Solution

Although the previous law criminalized consensual relationships outside of marriage, this new law does not include any provisions for parenting children of unmarried parents. Getting married outside the UAE will save a lot of effort since the whole picture regarding unexpected pregnancy out of marriage is still unclear. Marriage is the safest option for a better future.

You can get married in Dubai in the first three months of your pregnancy or ask for an online date in Court. But the best and time-saving option is to get married in a nearby country. You can choose Georgia or Seychelle as wedding destinations. It will reduce legal work and be cost-effective for your pocket.

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