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Everything Need to Know about Getting Pregnant Without Marriage In Dubai

UAE is always the best tourist destination and magnet for future investments. But it would help if you kept in mind that it has laws and regulations that might not be suitable for all.

The laws in Middle-Eastern countries are slowly liberalizing to address morality and religious conditions. This has allowed for easier integration of international communities. Getting pregnant without marriage in Dubai or an unexpected pregnancy not married in the UAE was considered a crime in the UAE. Recently the law has been reformed. Let us understand how the law has impacted the lives of UAE locals.

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Reforms to the LAW

Thanks to the recent legislative reforms, consensual sex or pregnancy outside of marriage are now not criminalized. It is important to remember that it was a crime to have sexual relations with someone who was not married to you before these reforms.

UAE Criminal Code Article 356 was amended to male indecent assault by consent, a crime. For decades, this term has been used to penalize sex outside of marriage, extramarital relationships, and same-sex relations. Article 356 was amended in 2020 to eliminate the offences involving consensual indecency. The amendment has now removed the reference to Islamic law applied to Hadd offences.

Giving Birth Out Of Wedlock

It is essential to mention that despite these changes, there is still no law reform regarding getting pregnant without marriage or children born outside of marriage. According to Sharia law in UAE, marriage is only legal if one wishes to have kids and enter into a relationship.

Even after the amendment, it is not clear how extramarital pregnancies should be treated according to hospital staff and government guidance. There are still disputes regarding the Sharia Law and pregnancy norms since marriage is the only connection between a man and woman who wishes to have their family by UAE laws. Unmarried couples who are expecting cannot apply for their child’s birth certificate. Hence some women decide to leave the UAE.

Also, you will need to have a marriage license to apply for any maternity care in the UAE. After conception, getting married in Dubai means not solving any legal problems.

Therefore premarital sex made legal in UAE, it is still not clear how getting pregnant without marriage are handled by lawyers, government staff, and religious leaders.


Two significant concerns arise when unmarried women visit the hospital. First, the hospital will call the police if she fails to provide a marriage certificate and second, there will be medical insurance provided to the unmarried mother.

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Although the UAE laws are reformed to meet the current changing situation and demand more liberty for women, the picture is still blurry for this entire process. Most women in Dubai are afraid of taking that risk, especially if their partners are not UAE residents.

It becomes more problematic to interfaith couples. Getting a date in the UAE courts will take a lot of time. And you will miss all the fun if you plan for an online wedding. These issues can be resolved if you consider other countries like Georgia. It is the nearest country to UAE, where laws are pretty relaxed and where you can have your dream wedding.

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