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How to Deal with Pregnancy Before Marriage in UAE 2022

The UAE is home to many GCC locals. This country is beautiful in its way. Although it is filled with glamorous towers and luxury cars, it is also regulated by some strong laws. One of their laws got amended in 2020. On November 27, a new criminal code will take effect in January 2022, which will decriminalize premarital sexual relationships.

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What has the Court Suggested?

For an initial consultation with a licensed and certified physician. Expats have two options for parental care, either they choose the government hospitals or opt for private ones. However, it is important to remember that the woman has to show her marriage license before getting any pregnancy treatment in the UAE. Unexpected pregnancy and not getting married in the UAE is still unacceptable. Previously the local authorities used to deport or jail any woman who is found to be pregnant outside marriage.

Although officials from the UAE introduced significant updates to the legislation in November 2020, the picture still seems blurry and unclear for pregnancy before marriage. The new law says that sex is no longer considered a crime and is not being punished by the government. But the UAE Family Code amendments do not change the reality of being pregnant in the UAE. A baby can only be born when legally married or possesses a marriage license.

How can you best deal with this situation?

Most couples fly to the UAE to wed during the earliest weeks of pregnancy or register for a marriage license since it is extremely important during their medical treatment.

Some UAE pregnant women make plans to fly home or return to their home country if they are not permanent residents of UAE. Getting married in Dubai after conception will not be sufficient to resolve all the issues. It may cause complications for you to fly and travel beyond borders.

The best way to deal with this situation is to get married outside UAE. Seychelles is one of the best destinations for weddings near Dubai. It takes around 4 hours to travel and with the right wedding planners you can get married very cost effectively.

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