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Options for Gym Flooring for All the Different Gyms Out There

The significance of gym flooring can’t be ruled out, however, choosing the right flooring material is a hard nut to crack. With so many options available, the right choice of material can become increasingly hard.

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Gym Flooring Options

But you need not fret, here are some of the best gym flooring options for various types of fitness settings.

Universal Gyms

Commercial gyms provide free weights and equipment and often a class schedule. These gyms, which are often run on a monthly subscription basis, are a superb option for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Consider using rubber flooring rolls in this situation for fitness facilities that require the highest level of safety. Subfloors can be damaged by heavy loads of machinery, whether they are mobile or fixed. These kinds of setbacks are expensive and might harm a facility’s appearance, possibly resulting in downtime or canceled memberships.

Rubber floor rolls are one of the most popular types of gym flooring because they are extremely durable and prevent damage from spreading to the subfloor. In certain cases, you may also require rubber roll underlay or SBR underlay, especially if you need sound deadening for the floor below.

For best results, we recommend a total thickness (top layer rubber roll and underlay of 20mm ) if you want to avoid the bubbling effect of roll flooring. This can sometimes happen after a few years of it being installed, go for a minimum of 12mm top layer, as well as add underlay if your circumstances require it.

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Cross Fit Gym Flooring Guide

Cross Fit Gym Flooring

Cross fit or what is commonly known as Cross box gyms offer die-hard cross-fitters the chance to push themselves to their limits and the flooring has to be built to last!

Considerations like safety are important because cross-fit workouts involve a high amount of cardiovascular stimulation. And people tend to sweat a lot, therefore the floor should be slip-proof.

The strength of the flooring is obviously important, with the typical Olympic lifting that goes in in a cross-fit workout, weights, often up to 200kgs or more are dropped from a height of 1.5 to 2 meters. This creates a force of approximately 2000 kgs and the floor has to be thick enough and well enough made to withstand this.

We like 20mm SBR as an absolute minimum or put SBR, underlay and then a European top layer of flooring on top.

Top Tip — Check the data sheet to see its tensile strength and cut and impact tests to see if these pass the tests of a cross-fit gym.

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High-Intensity Gyms

High Intensity Gyms flooring

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. A training method known as HIIT alternates periods of low to moderate intensity with periods of high intensity. These gyms use fast-paced activities including running, weightlifting, pull-ups, and push-ups. Therefore, the longevity of your choice depends on choosing flooring that is cozy, strong, and easy to clean.

“Rubber floor tiles are certainly one of the simplest flooring options available because they fit together like a jigsaw. Rubber floor tiles are comfortable underfoot and easy to maintain. They also don’t damage the flooring below if you need to move or to change the room you keep the gym in.” Quoted by Mr. Tim, a fitness expert from Gym Flooring UAE.

Depending on how pure the rubber you choose and what color you want these jigsaw-type mats are also relatively cost-effective.

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Yoga Studios

Yoga Studios Flooring

A yoga studio is a room, structure, or any other area where people gather to practice disciplines. Such as easy meditation, breath control, and particular physical postures. The right yoga flooring must be chosen in order to give participants a relaxing and enjoyable experience because so much time is spent on the floor, and focusing on relaxation.

Due to its grip, traction, and levelness, the wood look has long been a preferred choice in yoga studios. Traditional hardwood is a great option, but the expense and upkeep can be problematic. As a result, it’s advisable to use a durable material, like luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl will give your building an authentic wood look at a much more affordable price.