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A Complete Homeowner’s Guide to Finding the Right Flooring in Dubai

Your flooring has a massive effect on the overall appearance and functionality of your home. It is the building block of transforming your villa or apartment into a dwelling place. You’ll be looking at it and walking on it for many years to come. This is why your choice of flooring type now will help determine how beautiful and comfortable your house will be.

Flooring is an investment. It could entail a considerable sum of money, but only if you don’t know what you’re doing. Working with reputable flooring contractors in Dubai (or wherever you are in the world) will ensure that you will have the right type of flooring for your home.

Here is a guide to choosing the right flooring in Dubai that suits your lifestyle, needs, and budget, along with some tips on finding the right flooring contractor.

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3 Important Considerations before Choosing the Right Flooring in Dubai

Choosing Right Flooring

Assessing your wants and needs is the first step to choosing the right flooring type. Your needs must be prioritized before you want to make the right decision.

Practical considerations are more important than going for something only because it appeals to you. You may have a predetermined idea about the kind of flooring you want to install, but remember that not all materials are suitable for all applications.

Location and Function of the Room

The location and function of a room have an impact on what kind of surfacing to use. For instance, carpets are not suitable for the kitchen and bathroom because of the tendency for liquids and food to be spilled in these areas. Also, wood isn’t recommended for basement spaces because of moisture concerns.

Family Status, Lifestyle, and Health

How your family lives make a huge difference, too, when finding the right floor type. If you have children often playing, banging, and running inside your apartment, you will need a floor that can withstand wear and tear. The same is true if you live with elderly parents or anyone with special needs. You must consider how they can easily get through one corner or room to another without being exposed to flooring-related risks.

Living with pets will also have a bearing on your decision. Dogs have claws that can ruin your flooring. Pets that shed can make cleanup difficult if you opt for flooring that attracts and retains pet dander and hair.

The health of the household is also a crucial consideration. There are flooring options that harbor allergens, which can trigger health conditions like asthma and other respiratory sensitivities.

Care and Maintenance

Some flooring materials will require more maintenance than others to ensure their longevity and durability. Determine your ability to care for and maintain your flooring before choosing a material.

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3 Excellent Flooring Choices

Choosing the right Flooring

There are plenty of flooring choices available today. Matching performance expectations with the right materials is the key to finding the most suitable one for your space. As much as possible, choose one that is easy to maintain and highly durable.


Vinyl remains one of the best floor covering materials. It is available in a wide selection of patterns and colors, making it an economical and versatile option. Also, cleaning and maintaining it is easy. Today, there are vinyl choices that have integrated innovation for better appearance and functionality.


Carpets offer softness and warmth that other surfacing options don’t provide. However, it is not appropriate for all applications.

Like vinyl, carpets are available in different hues and patterns. It also comes in many textures and choices from reputable brands like Arc Edition flooring, VM Carpet, Cormar Carpets, and others.

Modern synthetic fiber technology delivers better alternatives for greater resiliency, stain resistance, and eco-friendly carpeting choices.


Tile offers an endless variety of colors, textures, and styles. It has a highly durable surface that will last for years. Also, it has low maintenance requirements – all it needs is a bit of damp mopping and sweeping.

Moreover, it has excellent thermal mass properties that help with cooling and heating. It is highly resistant to wear, stains, and won’t melt, burn, or fade. When used with radiant heat or a solar heating system, it can offer warmth even during colder periods.

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4 Tips for Choosing a Flooring Contractor in Dubai

Best Flooring Contractors in Dubai

Once you determine the right type of flooring in Dubai, finding a flooring contractor is the next step. These professionals will help you purchase, and even install, the right flooring surface for your property. Their expertise and experience will help ensure that you invest in the most suitable flooring type.

But with so many flooring contractors today, choosing who to work with can be a daunting task. Here are tips to help you make the right choice.

Ask for referrals from people you trust

If you know someone who recently got new flooring installed in their property, ask who their contractor is and if they had a great experience working with them. Contractors working by referral often strive to do their best to deliver excellent results every single time as they gain more customers based on word of mouth.

Go Online

The digital world is an excellent resource for reputable flooring contractors near you. Browse through their website to have an idea of their products and services. Also, check the customer feedback and reviews to know how they’ve worked with their past clients. It would also be a great idea to contact any of their past clients to get a feel of how they deal with their customers.

Check Their License

Work only with a licensed flooring contractor. Having a license will imply that they know what they are doing and that they have complied with all the required documentation and training.

Obtain Quotes

Getting a quotation from a list of potential flooring contractors will give you a view of how much they will charge you for the products and services you intend to get and how long it will take for them to complete the project. A great contractor knows exactly the flooring type you’ll need upon looking at the space that needs improvement. They will even give suggestions if there are better alternatives.

Like undertaking joinery and carpentry projects, compare quotes from different companies, and don’t hesitate to ask them questions you have regarding their quote or their services. The contractor that can answer your queries with ease and sincerity would be the right choice.

Once you have determined who to work with, read through the contract thoroughly before signing it. This ensures that everything — from the scope of work to budget — is accounted for.

Your flooring will take up a lot of visible space in your home, so it is a must for you to ensure it is beautiful, durable, and comfortable.

When choosing a flooring material to opt for, consider not just your budget but also the room function and your lifestyle. And to guarantee the best results, get help from the best flooring contractor.

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