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eZhire Mobile App: Renting a Car in Dubai Has Never Been Easier

Over the years, the Arab Emirates are becoming one of the main tourist destinations around the world. Luxury hotels or their impressive skyscrapers mingle with the dunes and desert oases. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most modern and amazing cities, full of luxury and monuments. In the Emirates, the tourists will enjoy the highest dune in the world, the Burj Khalifa, the Formula 1 or Palm Jumeirah circuit.

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Rent a Car in Dubai

Due to the economic fuel cost, travelling by car in UAE is economical and advantageous. The official currency of UAE is dirham of the Arab Emirates and the price of gasoline revolves around 2.20 AED (EUR 0.55) per litre. The tourists will have no problem when refuelling since there are a large number of stations, many of them with 24 hrs service. Thus, the most advisable thing is that the visitors travel by car and a very practical option is to use a car rental service in the United Arab Emirates like the one offered by eZhire mobile app service all over the country.

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Renting a car in Dubai will give you greater freedom to move to the places you are interested in. Thus, you can get to the popular tourist attractions in Dubai and its high skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi and its main mosques. Having a vehicle to move around you can explore the roads of the Jabal Hafeet mountain, one of the most attractive routes. You can also reach the oasis of Liwa or the natural pools of Hatta. If you are going to make desert routes it may be interesting to rent an SUV. eZhire mobile app helps its customers to find car rental service which will give unlimited mileage without additional costs.

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One of the best alternatives to move freely through the Arab Emirates is to rent a car. In this country, you drive on the right and most vehicles have automatic transmission. The roads, both urban and interurban, are in very good condition and are wide, reaching up to five lanes in each direction. The circulation is usually safe and not at all chaotic. Although the signals are international, they are written in Arabic, so it would be interesting to carry a GPS. Normally, rental cars have an electronic toll system built-in so that it can be automatically charged to the credit card when driving on pay roads.

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eZhire Mobile App Rent a Car

eZhire is a Rent a car Dubai mobile app service that offers you a careful selection of vehicles of different segments, so you can have the perfect car to move comfortably and flexibly during your stay in the country. On eZhire mobile app, you can see a modern fleet of cars and make your reservation with total ease.

eZhire car rental mobile app service provides a comprehensive service in UAE, which allows you to reserve a vehicle totally suitable for your trip and also equip it with the extras you deem appropriate. eZhire is a mobile app service, which has the services of cheap rental car services as well as Luxury Car Rental Dubai services, with the advantage that tourists can book the one they prefer through this mobile app. Due to this, the customer can pick up the rental car in UAE as soon as he lands, to start enjoying his trip immediately.

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eZhire Car Rental Mobile App Service

eZhire Mobile App

eZhire car rental mobile app service offers the services of a wide variety of compact cars, minivans, high-end cars and sports cars, all equipped with the latest technological developments. In addition to a modern vehicle, customers can request a model with unlimited mileage, extend the covers, a GPS and other practical accessories. If you travel with children under 12 you will need child seats or some kind of special support for their age and weight. That way, the customer can equip his rental vehicle to his liking and comfortably explore the United Arab Emirates.

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With eZhire mobile app, customers can hire and return the rental vehicle at a different point to the collection point. EZhire mobile app will have to be consulted at the time of your reservation and notified in advance, to know the possible extra fees that may be available and availability. EZhire mobile app can also offer different packages to customers such as daily, weekly and monthly car rental Dubai.

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EZhire mobile app also gives you a suggestion to select a car according to your budget or requirements. For example, in case the customer plans to drive out of town, it will suggest booking an SUV. If the customer needs a vehicle for a business trip or to enjoy a relaxing holiday, the mobile app suggests requesting a luxury saloon. Similarly, if the customer wants to move comfortably during a family or group trip, opt for a minivan of 7-9 seats.

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