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The ETA Visa from Dubai: Everything You Need to Know About

In the past, obtaining a visa was a prerequisite before visiting Canada. But not anymore!
It’s now possible for individual tourists and visitors to travel without a visa. However, this isn’t to mean that you will go without documents or authorizations. Instead, you are required to fill out a Canada ETA application form and submit it for review. So here we are with all the things you need apply for ETA Visa application from Dubai.

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So, what is ETA?

ETA is an acronym for an electronic travel authorization. It’s a reasonably new system seeking to facilitate administrative procedures for specific people visiting the country.

Unlike the traditional visa, an ETA system is available online. Here you fill out the required details and submit it for review. In most cases, the results are out in minutes.

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Who Can Benefit

Before applying for ETA, check whether you’re eligible or not. The best way to determine this is by checking whether your country is on the list of ETA friendly nations.

If yes, go ahead and apply for ETA Canada travel authorization. If approved, the authorization will be valid for five years. However, you can only use it to travel the country for a maximum of 90 days. If planning to stay for more days, the traditional visa will be required.

It’s also worth noting that ETA concerns the travel by air to Canada. It will also focus on transits and stopovers you make in the country even when it’s not your final destination.

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How Does ETA Compare to the Visa

Unlike the traditional visa, ETA offers a variety of benefits. Such include the following:

  • A simple application procedure.
  • A quick and rapid response on acceptance or refusal.
  • Valid for five years.
  • An electronic authorization that links to your passport.
  • Ability to apply at home.
  • Low fees.

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What Information Do You Need to Complete ETA Application

Completing an online ETA application requires you to complete a digital form. Here, you’ll supply personal information and details to help verify your identity.

The exercise includes an electronic passport or a valid biometric number. It will inquire about your information like names, address, residence, and place of birth.

After providing is information, some questions will be asked. Answer them truthful and in an honest manner. The authorities use this information to allow or deny accessibility to Canada. You’ll have to pay some amount of money using your debit or credit card to process your application.

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Where and how do You Access ETA Application Forms

You can access ETA application forms in different languages. With this, you can answer all the questions with ease.

When answering these questions, it’s advisable to do so in a quiet place. Make sure you have your passport and other vital documents with you. Also, pay close attention to questions in your application form. Ensure your answers are simple, accurate, and direct to the point.

After answering all the questions, take your time and go through each answer. Once you’re done, click submit and wait for the outcome. The results will be sent within a maximum of three days after a successful application.

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