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Why do we “Retreat”?

June is mental health awareness month, and no better time to launch “Vie retreats” very first international women-only retreat, than this month.

Vie retreat” as a concept was on my mind for a few years now, but due to Covid, the idea brewed on the back burner for a while. My passion for this concept never faded and resurfaced again while vacationing with my family in the French Alps.

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The setting and set-up are so inspiring and soothing, it often motivates me to work even though I’m on vacation, and this is how the location of my first international retreat was decided. A wood chalet in the heart of the French Alps, surrounded by majestic mountains and lush greenery, an idyllic alpine setting, inherently healing landscape. Can’t think of a better soul-soothing way! I was refreshed, inspired, and revitalized, and I wanted my clients to experience the same.

The planning started with two big central ideas “Spiritual wellness and a luxury set-up”, and it slowly developed and was carefully curated to offer mind, body and soul workshops and talks in the comfort of a luxurious yet traditional private property, surrounded by natural beauty and healing elements.

Privacy and exclusivity were also paramount, therefore the experience was tailored to accommodate no more than ten women, with an option for the guests to have their own ensuite room in the house or share with a friend.

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There’s nothing like elevated wellness and spiritual retreat to reset and recharge your mind, body and soul. From Hypnotherapy and Feng Shui sessions carried out while lounging comfortably around the fireplace, in the living area boasting views of the Montblanc and the sublime nature surrounding it, to silent hikes leading to Qigong sessions in the heart of the mountains. We did test ourselves as well with some physically challenging hikes, where fears were busted, and self-doubt was restored.

Besides the inner gifts and rewards, and what the beautiful nature had offered us from inner peace, calmness and joy, an overwhelming sense of connection to mother earth, ourselves, and each other, we treated ourselves to a relaxing outdoor hot tub experience in the privacy of our private garden, to relax and reward those tired muscles.

The sensory journey was further extended by an outstanding culinary experience presented to us by an award-winning chef, with personalized menus to please all guests, from sumptuous gamey meals to vegetarian options, and mouthwatering dessert, our gustatory sense was well pleased!

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They say “When women come together, change happens”. In this retreat, not only change happened, love, connection, candid conversations, tears, laughter and a whole lot of bonding happened. Truly a Retreat to remember.

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