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8 Amazing Upcoming Mega Construction Projects In The UAE

In the past decade, the UAE has created a niche for itself by going over and above when it comes to actualizing futuristic property developments that would have been thought unachievable at the turn of the century. The mega projects being undertaken in the UAE have shocked and awed many people because of their location, architectural imagination, construction techniques, size, cost, the scale of creativity, magnificence, and beauty. In this article, the focus will be on the amazing mega projects that are set to be completed in the UAE in the coming months/years.

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1. AIN Dubai

AIN Dubai

In recent years, Dubai under Sheikh Maktum bin Rashid has seen unparalleled developments that have changed the UAE skyline’s look in recent years, considering it houses the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa.
Currently, Dubai is building AIN Dubai, set to be the biggest observation wheel in the world. Set to rise to a height of 250 meters, this wheel with a capacity of over 9,000 people will enable the rider to get a bird’s eye view of the untouched beauty of Dubai. This mega project is expected to be opened up later this year.

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2. Yas Bay

This mega-development, which is expected to cost a whopping 12 billion Dhs, is being built on the southside of Yas Island. The development will house 15,000 residential units, entertainment zones, 37 food outlets, 19 parks, a 24-hour creative hub, two hotels, retail spaces, and an indoor arena. Some of the notable developments within Yas Bay will be:

  • The Etihad Indoor Arena – This sparkling new arena with a capacity of 18,000 people will change the way entertainment sports are held in the UAE. It was expected to be open later in the year, but the opening date was pushed back due to the pandemic’s emergence.
  • The Hilton Yas Bay Hotel – This hotel complex will be run and maintained by the Hilton Hotels brands. It is centrally located so that visitors to the hotel will be able to enjoy other attractions within the Yas Bay development. It is expected that there will be a floating beach, infinity pool, and a sprawling outdoor pool complex within the hotel. Further, there will likely be four bars/lounges and restaurants.

The Yas Bay development was expected to be opened in 2020, but it was pushed back because of the COVID pandemic. Internal developments within the complex are expected to open at the same time as the Yas Bay. Check out construction in UAE blog where you will find more details on upcoming mega constructions in UAE.

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3. Burj Jumeirah

This architectural marvel of a skyscraper will be located in the Al Sufouh district of Dubai. It is expected that Dubai’s landscapes will inspire the architectural design of the skyscraper. It is expected that this development will rise to 550 meters and will comprise of multiple observation decks that are designed to offer visitors a unique 360 degrees view of the entire Dubai.

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4. The Dubai Creek Harbor & Dubai Creek Tower

The Creek Harbor is a masterpiece and marvel of property development that is expected to cover 6-square-kilometers. The development is expected to house ecological parks, water canals, hotels, walkways for pedestrians, and cycling paths. It will likely be linked to two metro routes and numerous bus routes to enable easy movement within the development.

However, the MAIN attraction within the Creek Harbor will be the Dubai Creek Tower. This skyscraper is expected to tower over the Burj Khalifa. This essentially means that it will be the tallest building in the UAE and the entire world.

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5. The Hatta Hydroelectric Plant

This one-of-a-kind electricity production plant with a 250 MW power generation capacity will revolutionize the production and use of clean energy in Dubai.

6. Al Qana

This waterfront development is designed to change the leisure and dining experience for those visiting Abu Dhabi. The development is expected to house one of the biggest aquariums in Dubai, a VR zone, cinema, an E-sports zone, and seven zones that will be dedicated to enhancing health and wellness. Each of the seven zones will be dedicated to a different type of health and wellness. With the emergence of COVID-19, this development, which was expected to open at the end of 2020, will most likely open its doors to the public in 2021.

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7. Snow Abu Dhabi

Snow Abu Dhabi

Located inside the sprawling Reem Mall, this unique snow park will be the first of its kind in the UAE. It is expected that the enchanted snow-themed park will be divided into distinct units. Inside the snow park, it is likely that there will be a garden with snowflakes, a labyrinth made of ice, enchanted trees, a crystal carousel, and many other attractions.

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8. The Conrad at Etihad Towers In Abu Dhabi

Conrad Towers

The Conrad at Etihad will take over from the unique development formerly known as the Jumeirah at Etihad. The Jumeirah management changed hands, and the new hotel is being revamped and rebranded to Conrad at Etihad. It is expected that the hotel, which opens later in the year, will house 546 rooms for guests, pool bars, a private beach club, spa, eateries, bars, outdoor pools, and suites, which will offer guests to the development an exquisite view of the Arabian Gulf landscape.

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As you can see, the UAE does not look like it is stopping its futuristic march in architectural developments. The projects mentioned above do not even scratch the surface of the awe-inspiring projects being undertaken in the UAE. If history is any indication, the UAE is just getting started.

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