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A Guide to Buying Your First Safety Glasses in Dubai

Work-related eye injuries can happen in all settings. However, they are more likely to occur in the construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. The good news is that you can avoid these work-related eye injuries by wearing the right safety glasses. With this specialized eyewear, you can protect your eyes from chemical splashes, heat, harmful small debris including dust, and radiation.

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Tips for Buying Your First Safety Glasses

With the important role safety glasses play in shielding your eyes, you need to make sure you get the right pair that meets your needs and gives you full protection in your workplace.

Moreover, with different types of frames and lenses to choose from, you will be able to find a pair that looks great on you, too.

If you are buying safety glasses in the UAE for the first time, ensure you get the best pair by following these tips:

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1. Identify the Common Eye Hazards in Your Workplace

There are different types of hazards that can cause eye injuries. These are:

Mechanical and physical: These are hazards caused by flying particles produced by machines, tools, and other objects.

Chemical: This type comes in the form of hazardous chemical liquids, gases, powders, vapors, and other materials.

Temperature-related: Hot liquids, molten metal, furnaces, hot flame, and intense heat radiation can damage the eyes. Exposure to extremely cold temperatures can affect your vision, too.

Radiation: Some light sources such as welding flashes, lasers, and even UV radiation from the sun can damage your eyes and vision.

To get the right pair of safety glasses, make a list of the potential eye safety hazards that you may encounter in your workplace. If you work in the construction industry, these can include mechanical dangers such as sand, dust, and dirt, wood fragments and chips, and other particles.

If you are outdoors most of the time, you have to be wary of air-borne dust, debris, sand, and other harmful particles as well.

If you work in a manufacturing factory or an offshore oil rig, chemical and temperature-related hazards are common. These include chemical splashes, sprays, mists, and vapours, and fire.

Knowing these specific hazards can help you choose the right size and type of frame and lens for your safety glasses.

If two or more hazards are common occurrences in your workplace, you may have to get two types of safety eyewear to ensure you are fully protected from them.

For instance, you can use a pair of sporty safety glasses when checking packaged chemical products. However, if you have to handle them, you need to put on safety goggles for better protection.

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2. Study the Pros and Cons of the Different Types of Lenses

Protective eyewear comes with different types of lenses.

Polycarbonate is the most popular lens material for safety glasses. They are lightweight and impact-resistant, and they provide UV protection. However, they sometimes lower optical clarity.

Glass is another material popularly used in safety eyewear. They offer excellent visual clarity and, when treated correctly, have great scratch protection. However, they tend to be heavy and are not impact-resistant. They are often expensive, too.

Trivex is the safest, most lightweight lens today. It has an amazing impact on resistance and provides top-notch optical clarity, and they provide UV protection.

The most inexpensive type of lens for safety glasses is acrylic. It is lighter than glass and resistant to scratches and solvents. Unfortunately, it is not durable and tends to have low optical clarity.

When buying your eyewear, try to avoid choosing the most affordable one you can find. With safety glasses, the cheapest ones are always those that tend to get damaged easily.

If you want eyewear that will give your eyes full protection and will last for a long time, choose the best one that you can afford.

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3. Think About the Add-ons You Nay Need

There are some add-ons that you may want your safety glasses to have to boost their protective features and functionality.

If you always work outdoors under hot and sunny conditions, consider having tinted lenses. A dark tint can reduce the intensity of light that hits your eyes. They provide increased protection against UV radiation as well. Or you may prefer to have photochromatic, so you can easily move between indoor and outdoor activities and job related tasks.

All these additional features can help you do your job better, too.

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4. Consult an Eye Doctor

If you have poor or impaired vision, consider having your safety glasses customized so that you don’t have to wear your prescription glasses under them, which can be uncomfortable and sometimes impossible to do.

An eye expert is the best person to help you get the right prescription for your personalized protective eyewear.
Your specialist will give you an eye exam to find out the right prescription for your safety glasses. You can then have these made by an optical shop so that you can have a pair of eyewear that gives you optimum visibility and complete protection at the same time.

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5. Don’t Rule Out Buying Online

Buying safety glasses at an optical store is a good idea since you can fit the glasses, check all the features, and make sure they are comfortable to wear. However, you can also purchase them online.

If you don’t have the time to go from one store to another to look for safety glasses, shopping for one online is your best option. You can browse through various products whether you are at home or in your workplace, whenever you are not busy.

You will find all the details about every eyewear on the website so you will know if they are a good fit for you and your reason for buying them.

Shopping online also allows you to find great deals on protective eyewear, which means you can save money on your purchase.

Moreover, when you shop at the right optical and eyewear online store in the UAE, you won’t encounter any problems if you want to return the safety glasses you bought. As long as there is a valid reason for sending the undamaged product back and exchanging it, your request will be honoured.

If safety glasses are a must for your work, make sure you get the best pair on your first purchase so that you can keep your eyes protected from the hazards in your workplace as soon as possible.

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Firas Saab is the Training Manager at Al Jaber Optical in Dubai, the leading optical and eyewear company in the UAE that offers a comprehensive range of eyewear and optical services across the board, through a wide range of modern optical products and facilities. Firas is an enthusiastic trainer with more than a decade in the retail and optical industry and has recently acquired HND in Business and Management in addition to his Optical qualifications.

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