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How to Be a Professional Online Trader in Dubai

Online Trading attracts thousands of people willing to make money on the stock market every year. However, 95% of traders lose money in the market. Same is true if you are living in Dubai and wants to be an online trader in Dubai. What are the keys to online trading? How can we place ourselves with guarantees among the 5% winner? Discover the fundamental bases to be a good trader from the hand of thinkers that feed your investing and personal mentality: Lorenzo Serratosa, José Iván García, Robert Greene, and others.

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What is Online Trading?

To understand what is trading, today we are talking about online trading and foreign exchanges, we will say that it consists in following up on clear investment strategies, which must be followed with self-control, discipline and knowledge, applied to the field of financial markets online, that is, on the internet, using a computer. “Trading is nothing more than trading, buying and selling”.

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What are the Fundamental Disciplines for Operating Well in Trading?

And what are the disciplines in which you must train? In my opinion, there are certain fundamental disciplines that must be mastered to make good use of trading in foreign exchange and stocks trading:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Deep knowledge of the Market
  • Psycho-trading
  • Money Management
  • Continuous Training: Be teachable by another person (coaching) or, be self-taught (better if these two modalities are combined).

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The Best Online Platforms to Invest in the Online Market

Today, there are many platforms on the internet with which you could trade on the stock market at any time and from anywhere, then I leave the most important:


It has a super simple and intuitive design. It is the most known option of those that I put here, but very to consider for its great design and possibilities that it offers.

They have a very good customer service, with a chat that they answer at the moment to any doubt, ideal to learn.
The best part is that you can start trading with only $100.

It is easy to work with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum or Litecoin, one of my favorite options at AvaTrade.


Another of the most famous platforms and with the best reputation on the internet to invest in the stock market. Also with a very simple interface, with which you will not need to be an expert to operate with the most famous assets in the market.

It includes a very interesting social function in which users can interact with each other, have a rating that increases or decreases depending on the effectiveness of their investments and you can copy the operations of other expert users.


If you like football, you will surely be surprised if you have seen his advertising in Atlético Madrid.
It is the most famous platform of all and one of the pioneers.

Risk Warning: You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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The 8 Keys to Being a Successful Trader and Triumph in the Online Market are:

1. Approach reading books and manuals on the subject to understand if this topic interests you.

2. Point out everything that is not understood in the books. Looking for resources that show you more on the subject, such as monetary management, psycho-trading, technical analysis, etc.

3. If the subject really interests you, you should find a school that will train you. This school cannot disappear from your life once you have paid for the course or the monthly stay in your area. Forming profitable traders requires:

  • Theory
  • Practice

Follow up by mail and access to the phone.

  • A community of students.
  • Have several teachers to see their different styles of operation.
  • The most important; this support service cannot end, until the trader goes from basic + advanced training + specific strategies.

4. No hurry. Since we all do not have the same rhythm, nor the same family obligations. That is why we must take the path of training as vitally important and arm ourselves with patience.

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5. Do not open real accounts in brokers without having done a simulation with the method or system learned in the school chosen by you. You must first know what kind of traders you are, what method you are going to use, in what market you are going to operate; foreign exchange, indices, stocks trading and all forms of online trading.

6. When you are a profitable trader, you do not have an account with only one broker and you have several because not all of them make the same financial instruments and the quality/commission is of great importance to be profitable. Remember that brokers earn commissions on your operations, the higher they are, the less you have left.

7. Do not open simulators if nobody has taught you how to trade.

8. The brokers want you to open accounts with real money as soon as possible, hence their “demos” have a very short duration. His interest is to take you to the real market as soon as possible.

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