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This is How COVID-19 Changed the Global Healthcare Industry

COVID-19 changed the healthcare industry. The top-notch medical care in the level1 hospitals fell apart when the virus overran ICUs. The lack of trained medical personal and a shortage of vital medical supplies stamped a failing grade on the quality and preparedness of the global healthcare industry.

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JD Healthcare And Wellness Online Programs Take Another Approach To Healthcare

It is easy to get caught into thinking the source of medical advice and treatment is the three-tiered hospital system in China. Everybody knows Tier 3 hospitals provide the best treatment thanks to hiring highly trained medical professionals. But, there are less than 1,500 Tier 3 hospitals in China. That means people in rural areas do not get the attention they need in terms of healthcare and wellness information.

Tier 2 and Tier 1 hospitals lack vital medical equipment and the trained professionals who understand high-level healthcare. But thanks to JD Healthcare and Wellness, the availability of high-level healthcare in rural cities in China is a healthcare game-changer.

JD Healthcare and Wellness is the healthcare sector of is the company that gave Internet users the Internet Hospital. The Internet Hospital gave thousands of people hope when the pandemic closed businesses and upset their normal way of life. JD Health provides timely and as well as vital information to patients, according to CEO Kevin Jiang.

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The JD Healthcare Internet Hospital Has 30,000 Doctors On Call.

According to a recent news report, is an Internet business leader.’s economic and healthcare platforms are tech-driven online meccas filled with products and services that were not available in the smaller cities and rural areas.

Thanks to JD Health’s online healthcare and wellness platform, more than 30,000 doctors joined the Internet Hospital. Sixty-two per cent of those doctors come from Tier 3 hospitals in 32 regions and provinces all over the country.

The Internet Hospital’s medical inquiry service gives 90% of the people who call with questions get answers in less than three minutes. JD Health and wellness consultation service is six months old. The trained medical staff consulted with more than two million people in that time frame.

According to the 200 full-time JD Health physicians, more than 100,000 patients consult with the JD Health staff every day. Those physicians consult on a wide range of medical conditions, and they manage to do that in an hour or less. But 60% percent of the consultations are respiratory-related.

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JD Health Cooperates With Local Governments In Tech Related Issues

The pandemic changed the perception of the Internet Hospital. The online hospital became the website to go to find answers about COVID symptoms. The website also answered questions about the side effects associated with the virus. Some side effects associated with the virus made people experience other dangerous symptoms. JD Health’s staff of physicians address those side effect symptoms with patients, and they provide the medical information that helps alleviate those issues.

The bonus JD Health and wellness offers patients is its healthcare platform. That platform has all the current medical conditions and treatments in its memory. JD Health also established a cardiology consultation service to help patients deal with heart issues that can develop from the virus. Atrial Fibrillation and heart muscle deterioration are health threats unless treated, according to JD Health’s premier cardiologist Dayi Hu.

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Dr. Hu and Xin Lijun, JD Health’s CEO, believe increasing the availability of medical resources and increasing doctors’ income will help patients deal with medical issues in a timelier fashion. Getting JD Health’s medical help online is a life changer, according to JD Health patients.

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