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FIFA 2022 World Cup Rules You Should Know before Visiting Qatar

So you’ve bought your World Cup Qatar tickets and are already gearing up to witness the spectacle live. While your preparations continue to spike with each passing day, there are some FIFA 2022 World Cup rules that you must remember before visiting Qatar to avoid any mishaps.

But before that, let’s first talk about an intriguing story. To attend the World Cup, a Saudi football fan has trekked from Jeddah to Doha! Abdullah Alsulmi had the thought early this year while watching a television program in which a senior Qatari official promised viewers an amazing World Cup experience.

The 33-year-old Saudi recalled thinking, as his excitement grew, “I would get to Doha no matter what, even if I have to walk!” The excursion, which Alsulmi says was meticulously recorded for his thousands of Snapchat followers, is intended to highlight regional enthusiasm for the first World Cup in the Middle East, which Saudi officials have positioned as a landmark for all Arabs.

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FIFA 2022 World Cup Rules

World Cup Qatar 2022

Let’s return to the topic of what you need to know before going to Qatar for the World Cup. More than a million World Cup supporters are getting ready to travel to the Gulf to take in Qatar’s month-long football event. Since this is the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East, social mores and religious practices there are likely to differ from those in your own country.

COVID-19 Rules

Visitors must have a negative COVID-19 test result in order to enter Qatar for the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The rule applies whether or not they have gotten a vaccination. If they are six years of age or older, fans must have a negative PCR test result that was received no more than 48 hours before their journey to Qatar.

Another option is to enter with proof of a negative fast antigen test, but this test must be finished at least 24 hours before departure. In Qatar, wearing a face mask is a requirement when utilizing the public transportation system.

Hayya Card

Visitors must apply for a Hayya card, a fan ID that serves as an entry visa and provides free public transportation within Doha. To assist spectators at the Ali bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy developed a unique service center for Hayya card users.

Fans who do not have a mobile phone but still wish to use transportation services or fan zones can pick up a physical copy of their digital Hayya card. Until December 23, the center will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on all days besides Fridays, when it will be open from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Health Insurance

The Official Gazette of Qatar reports that the cost of a health insurance premium for visitors to Qatar will now be roughly $13 (QR50). If the visa is extended, the price will remain the same. Basic services, such as emergency and accident care services, are included in the health insurance cost.


While it is allowed to smoke cigarettes in Qatar, it is not permitted in any public areas, including museums, sports facilities, malls, or dining establishments. Fines may be imposed on offenders. Since 2014, Qatar has outlawed the importation, sale, and use of e-cigarettes. Violators face up to three months in jail and a fine of roughly $2,750. (QAR 10,000).


In addition to being available in fan zones at specific hours, alcohol is supplied in many hotels and legal restaurants across the nation. In fan zones, alcohol sales could be less expensive than in hotels, and tokens that can be used to pay for drinks will likely be exchanged for local money.

It is not permitted to bring alcohol into the nation. Fans will not be permitted to consume alcohol away from official venues because only homeowners are permitted to buy it from specialized stores for home use.


Fans are asked to dress modestly by covering their shoulders. Shorts and sleeveless tops are not recommended, and if it is determined that they do not meet modesty requirements, access to some government facilities may be denied, according to the Qatar Tourism Authority.

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So, are you ready for the big event? Get your World Cup 2022 Qatar tickets ready and pack your bags as the event is drawing closer!

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