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6 Best Ways of Getting Around in Dubai as a Tourist

Dubai is a popular Arabian city visited by thousands every year and once you see the style, charm and modern look of the city, you will understand why. For many of us, the fantastic variety of entertainment, shopping, and dining options make it a wonderful location to indulge and experience a taste of a truly glamorous lifestyle. However, some people can find the whole experience overwhelming due to the sheer amount of stuff Dubai has to offer. That being said, travelling to and getting around in Dubai is actually pretty easy and not too stressful, as long as you know what you are doing. With the number of transportation options being so high, here are some of the things to consider when travelling around Dubai.

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Best Ways of Getting Around in Dubai

Here we are with the list of Almost all the ways of getting around in Dubai keeping in mind the comfort, weather and the affordability.


Taxi in Dubai

When you arrive in Dubai, you will be able to see a huge abundance of taxis and the majority of tourists say that this is the easiest method of moving about the city. The government operates most of the taxi’s, but there are private companies that exist, and they are there to offer an alternative service. Every taxi will run on a metered service and the fee will be charged by distance. You need to be careful when taking a taxi in Dubai. To ensure you will definitely be safe and have a reliable driver, consider using Uber. All you need to do is install the app and register if you haven’t done so already.

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Sightseeing Bus

This may not be good for the main method of transportation, but it’s a great option to consider because it combines your needs with an informative and interesting tour. Many buses offer a hop-on, hop-off tour and will stop at all of Dubai’s most famous landmarks, where you can get off and explore.

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The Metro

Dubai only has two metro lines to accommodate the local citizens and guests, making it unique compared to other cities who operate extensive metro lines or subway systems. The price of the metro will depend on the zone you are travelling in and the distance you have travelled to. The metro has 45 stops and at each one, there are supplemental buses and cabs, which can take you straight to your destination.

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The Tram

The tram is Dubai’s second method of public transportation. It operates on a street-level track that has been constructed in a special way and connects to both the commercial and residential parts of the city that have a high population. The rate is the same no matter how far you travel, which makes the tram one of the cheapest ways to get around Dubai.

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Water Bus

Water Buses along Dubai Creek, commonly known as Abras, are the best and preferred way to get around. Water Bus ride gives the tourist a chance to take great views on both sides of the creek. The good thing about using these water buses is that they are very economical as well. Fares for the water buses range from AED 1 to AED 4, depending on the route. Water Buses are best to travel from Bur Dubai to Deira also known old Dubai.

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Rental Vehicle

Renting a Car in Dubai

If you don’t mind driving around a city and want the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want, then renting a vehicle is something you definitely should consider. Renting a car ensures you are safe and can be easier for young families. To find a rental vehicle in Dubai, take a look at the International Car Rental section on

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As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get around the beautiful city of Dubai. Your personal situation, such as how much you plan to spend, where you are staying and who you are travelling with will determine which method of transport is best. Whatever you do, stay safe and enjoy yourself.

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