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4 Reasons Tenants Need an Annual Maintenance Contract in Dubai

Here we will discuss the reasons that why tenants need an annual maintenance contract in Dubai while renting a property?

If the water pipes burst in your villa in the middle of the night or your air conditioner stops working in the middle of a summer’s day, what would you rather do? Would you prefer reaching for your phone to search for “plumbers near me” or calling a provider directly and simply waiting for repairs?

You would probably agree — the latter is the superior choice.

Sadly, however, you might not have that option if you don’t have an annual maintenance contract.

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Reasons of Annual Maintenance Contract in Dubai

The following are some reasons you should consider getting an annual maintenance contract if you’re renting in Dubai.

1. Have Someone to Call for Emergency Repairs

An annual maintenance contract will give you peace of mind. When an emergency crops up, you know you will have someone reliable and trustworthy to call to help you resolve your emergency.

Has the air conditioner suddenly stopped working? Did the electricity suddenly go out? Did the pipes in your second-floor bathroom burst, flooding your first-floor ceiling? For any of these things, an essential annual maintenance contract that provides for 24/7 emergency repair call-outs means you can pick up the phone, dial your maintenance contract provider’s number and wait for assistance to come within a few hours.

In truth, no one relishes the thought of searching for a plumber amid a water pipe leak or looking for an air conditioner mechanic while sweltering in the heat. In emergencies, you’d want to have a number to call and, more importantly, the assurance that reliable and trustworthy assistance is coming soon.

Note: Not all property maintenance providers offer emergency call-out privileges. Make sure to choose one that provides 24/7 emergency repair assistance. Your provider must also unequivocally state its non-emergency and emergency response times.

2. Prevent Emergencies

You don’t want your air conditioner dying, your electricity going out, or your pipes springing a leak, do you? Even if you can rely on emergency help, it would be infinitely better if you don’t have to deal with maintenance emergencies.

You can prevent emergencies by performing periodic preventive maintenance of your AC, plumbing and electrical wiring — and preventive maintenance is what an annual maintenance contract guarantees.

Annual maintenance contracts come with essential preventive maintenance checks. For instance, an essential yearly maintenance contract may include one AC service every four months. It may also incorporate annual electrical and plumbing inspections.

Routine check-ups like these will ensure any brewing problems can be discovered, identified and fixed before they get out of hand. For instance, through regular AC services, you can keep your AC unit clean and operating at peak condition. Your maintenance provider can replace worn-out parts before they cause problems or lead to costly-to-repair issues.

Note: Make sure your contract has all the essentials covered. Periodic AC service is crucial in Dubai, so get an annual maintenance contract that includes at least three AC services per year. Yearly electrical and plumbing checks are also a minimum requirement.

3. Get Repair Support from Your Landlord

The United Arab Emirates Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 on the Civil Transactions Law is clear. It’s the landlord’s responsibility to repair any defects on the leased property that affect the fulfilment of the property’s intended purpose. In other words, your landlord must fix any damages or defects that impede your enjoyment of your rental.

The Dubai Tenancy Law or Dubai Law No. 26 of 2007, as amended by Dubai Law No. 33 of 2008, also states that landlords are responsible for repairing any defects in their property. Therefore, landlords are responsible for repairing any damages and deficiencies on their property, even those caused by natural wear and tear.

An annual maintenance contract with a reputable provider will let you keep track of the things that need repairs or replacement in your rented property. Your maintenance provider should be able to tell you if you need to retire the air conditioner, replace sections of piping or rewire the entire house.

Your provider will be able to put this in a report that you can show your landlord. This should make it easier to get him to sign off on and pay for the required repairs.

Note: Make sure your contract with your landlord is clear on who pays for repairs. While it is customary for tenants to pay for consumables, such as refrigerant refills, the landlord is typically responsible for major repairs and maintenance, such as replacing an air conditioner that has gone beyond its useful life.

4. Show Proof of Your Commitment to Maintaining the Rented Property

Generally speaking, landlords are responsible for repairing damages and defects. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you are responsible for the damage, you must pay for repairs.

Now, what would constitute fault on your part? If the pipes leaked because you took a mallet to them, you’d obviously be at fault.

Unfortunately, things are not always an open-and-shut case. Thus, you can refer to what the Dubai Tenancy Law says for guidance. Specifically, the law obliges tenants to maintain their rented property as any reasonable man would maintain their own property.

Thus, not doing any maintenance work at all — even those you can reasonably expect from a tenant — could be interpreted as wilful neglect. If you don’t keep the AC filter clean and this causes premature damage to the evaporator, the landlord could say it is your fault and insist you pay for its repair or replacement.

Getting an annual maintenance contract is, therefore, an excellent idea. This will not only fulfil your obligations to maintain the property you’re renting. It will also demonstrate, beyond any reasonable doubt, that you have tried to preserve the rented property in the same state you got it.

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Tenants Need an Annual Maintenance Contract

Tenants Maintenance Contract Dubai

Even the best apartment in Dubai is not immune to wear and tear. An annual maintenance contract from a reputable property maintenance provider can prevent maintenance emergencies and guarantee assistance when you need emergency repairs. It will also help you comply with your obligation to maintain your rented property as if it were your own and should make it easier to convince your landlord to pay for repairs if any are needed.

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