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7 Excellent Benefits Of Propolis Honey That You’re Not Aware

If you ask anyone on the street what they associate bees with, the most likely answer is honey. Yes, bees are known to produce sweet, nourishing honey that most of us use daily. But do you also know that honey is not the only product made by bees?

Have you ever heard of propolis before now?

Propolis honey is a honey product that offers many health benefits to users. This guide will get to know the seven excellent benefits of propolis that you probably aren’t aware of. But first, we start by letting you know what propolis is and how this natural bee product is made.

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What is Propolis Honey?

What is Propolis Honey

Propolis is a substance made by bees and used as a protective coating in the building of their beehive. This substance is made from a combination of beeswax, bee secretion, and sap from needle-leaved or evergreen trees.

The combination of beeswax, bee secretion, and sap produces a sticky compound with a greenish-brown colour. This compound is known as propolis. What is interesting about propolis is that different civilizations have been using it since the dawn of time.

Propolis has been sought after by mankind because of its many medicinal and other benefits. Long ago, ancient Egyptians mummified their dead by using propolis as embalming fluid. The Assyrians used propolis to heal open wounds, while the Greeks also used this compound in treating abscesses.

Many propolis health benefits are already known, and modern science is yet to discover many of them.

For example, the propolis produced by bees in Europe differs in composition from the propolis in South America. It is mainly because of the differences in the vegetation that these bees are exposed to. The propolis honey benefits will differ overly or slightly depending on the region where the bees are located and where the propolis is produced.

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7 Top Propolis Health Benefits

Propolis Health Honey Benefits

It has been discovered that propolis consists of over 300 different compounds, with many of the compounds being polyphenols. These polyphenols possess antioxidant properties, which are particularly effective in preventing infection, combating disease and illness, and promoting fast healing.

One of the known polyphenols found in propolis is flavonoids. Plants produce flavonoids for protection, and you can also find this polyphenol in everyday foods like vegetables, fruits, and green tea.

But propolis doesn’t only have antioxidant benefits; this compound also has antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. It means that using propolis will also protect you from harmful fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. In addition to this, propolis helps combat inflammatory conditions of the skin, such as; acne and boils.

Here are seven excellent propolis honey benefits that you should be aware of.

1. Propolis Effectively Treats Open Wounds

Propolis honey consists of a compound known as pinocembrin. Pinocembrin is a flavonoid compound with antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make propolis an effective product for treating open wounds.

Propolis will protect the wound from being infected by germs while promoting cellular regeneration and fast healing at the same time. Propolis is also effective in treating burn victims and patients recovering from wounds obtained after oral surgery. Propolis significantly reduces mast cells which are known to cause inflammation that delays the healing process of wounds.

2. Propolis reduces the symptoms of Genital Herpes and Cold Sores

Propolis is known to help in reducing the symptoms of genital herpes and cold sores. By applying topical propolis to cold sores and genital herpes, you can significantly reduce the appearance of cold sore breakouts and even prevent future recurrence. Because of the potent antiviral properties of propolis, it minimizes the herpes virus present in a patient’s body.

3. Propolis Boosts Immune System

The best way to fight infectious diseases is by boosting your immune system. One of the top benefits of propolis lies in its ability to stimulate the immune response to a bacteria, fungal or viral infection. Propolis protects your body from being overwhelmed by infection by building up your immunity over time. Propolis will stimulate the production of antibodies that enhance your resistance to fungal, bacterial, or viral infections.

4. Propolis Cleanses your Respiratory System

If you are experiencing breathing difficulties due to respiratory tract infections or an asthma condition, propolis can help to provide you with relief. Propolis cleanses your respiratory system to help you breathe better. Your nostrils, nasal cavity, and lungs will be cleansed of any harmful bacteria preventing you from breathing properly.

5. Propolis Provides Relief From Phlegm and Cough

If you are experiencing dry or wet cough and have issues with phlegm, you can gain relief when you use propolis. It is one of the many health benefits of propolis honey that you should know about. Propolis will even soothe the violent cough and phlegm experienced by smokers of tobacco cigarettes.

6. Propolis is an Excellent Throat Antiseptic

If you are having oral hygiene issues, you can rely on propolis to help provide relief. Propolis is a great throat antiseptic and sterilizer that helps kill harmful germs that cause cavities, tooth decay, strep throat, and bad breath. Using propolis regularly will significantly improve your oral hygiene giving you fresh breath, strong teeth, and gums.

7. Propolis Prevent Hair Loss

Propolis consists of amino acids and vitamins that can help to strengthen the texture of your hair and prevent thinning. In addition, propolis will nourish and protect your scalp while encouraging hair growth and preventing balding.

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There are many other Propolis health benefits, but the seven excellent benefits of propolis highlighted in this post are scientifically proven. However, there is strong evidence to prove that propolis is effective in treating some cases of cancer, especially in their early stages. Propolis honey has an exquisite taste that is a bit bitter. Propolis is available in topical or oral form. Depending on your preference and health needs, you can get lotions, ointments, capsules, liquid extracts, and tablets.

If you need more information on Propolis and its health benefits, you can leave a comment below or send us your inquiries by email.

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