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Renting Villa in Dubai: 10 Steps Complete Guide to Rent a Villa in Dubai

Living in the UAE proposes exciting business opportunities and a lavish lifestyle, especially if you choose a breathtaking destination with a promising future like Dubai. If you’re just moving to Dubai or are just looking to rent another property, this guide to renting Villa in Dubai will help you get the home of your dreams in one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

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Steps to Renting Villa in Dubai

Here we are with the steps should be followed for Renting a Villa in Dubai.

Step 1: Research

Look for Dubai real estate agencies and consult their online listings for rental properties. Filter your search options depending on your necessities. Consider things like the number of rooms, neighborhood, facilities & amenities in neighbor, rental cost and check if the house is furnished or not.

Step 2: Consider your Options

Before landing in Dubai, make sure you have a well-defined shortlist of your options for renting Villa in Dubai. Talk to the top real estate brokers in Dubai and schedule a few appointments during which you can view the properties. Having a few viewings scheduled in advance will ease your decision and save you time and money.

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Step 3: Visit the Property

Now that you have identified the properties where you would like to live in Dubai, it is time to view them on sight. Even if you select luxurious villas in Arabian Ranches, you still need to consider factors like access to the house, parking lots, facilities and your proximity to the center of the city.

Step 4: Discuss the Contract

If you have settled on a specific rental property in Dubai, your next step should be discussing the contract terms with the broker or the landlord. Try to negotiate details like the duration of the contract, the deposit amount, and the overall rental costs.

Step 5: Reserve the Unit

Negotiating the terms of the contract will not land you the property right away. To make sure that you will live in your dream villa in Dubai, you will need to reserve the unit. In this regard, you will have to make a deposit that usually revolves around 5 or 10% of the rental cost.

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Step 6: Study the Contract

After making the deposit, you will be handed the rental contract. Make sure you study the contract carefully before putting your signature.

Step 7: Sign the Contract

The last step of the deal implies you signing the contract and the landlord receiving the deposit from the real estate agent who managed the deal. Next, you will be receiving the access keys and other amenities that are included in the rental agreement.

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Step 8: Connecting DEWA

After signing the contract and getting the keys you need to provide some documents to DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) to activate the water and electricity supply. The Documents included DEWA number which you can find at property’s entrance, Copy of your and landlord’s passport, Title deed, DEWA form, and a cheque or cash refundable deposit of 2,000AED for apartments and 4,000AED for Villas. Also, 110AED required to pay as a setup charge. You can also submit the documents through DEWA official website.

Step 9: Ejari Registration

You need to submit the Original tenancy contract, Original DEWA Connection in the name of the tenant, Title deed, Copy of Emirates ID, Copy of the tenant and landlord passport for Ejari registration. Ejari is a system that is governed by RERA to make registration of rental/lease agreements. Ejari registration will ensure that the agreement between the tenant and the landlord is fair and transparent. You can download the forms and registered online on their official website. You can check out for an updated complete guide on how to register Ejari.

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Step 10: Move-in Form

Some developers required that tenant should submit No Objection Certificate before moving into the property. You have to provide Ejari Certificate, Copy of your Passport & Visa, Copy of tenancy contract.

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