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10 Best Ways To Save Money While Traveling to Dubai

Everyone wants to save money while booking flight tickets or train tickets to visit all the amazing attractions in Dubai or Abu Dhabi when planning a trip to the Kingdom of the United Arab Emirates. Traveling to Dubai can be fun but at the same time, hell expensive. The tactics which you use to save money while planning your vacation could be outdated or old-fashioned and probably not do much to save a big piece while traveling. The road to adventure is thrilling but every thrill comes at a cost. But we can reduce that cost while visiting all our favorite places to explore unseen lands and wild experiences.

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Traveling to Dubai Tips

This post will tell you the top ways to save money while traveling to Dubai.

Always Book Hotels Near the City Centre

Hotels on Sheikh Zayed Road

Booking your hotels near the city center would save a lot of money while saving your transportation cost. Always choose your hotel near the center of the city so that you can travel to your unseen destination by walking or by using public transportation as it would be the cheapest method to travel around the city, otherwise taxis and personal cabs can add up to your pocket very fast.

Use Reward Points or Miles

Earn Flying Miles and Travel Points

When booking online tickets for flights you can always make use of the reward points or miles accumulated over the past months in order to get hefty discounts on your flight bookings. Online websites like Rehlat provides the option to redeem the collected reward points while booking flight tickets to anywhere in the world. Some hotel chains also provide free reward points, so always try to book flight tickets and hotels from the previously booked merchant in order to use their collected reward points and encash the discount upon those reward points.

Use Various Coupon Codes

Use Coupon Code while Traveling

The online world is filled with coupon websites which offer various airline discounts and daily offers on flight or train tickets. You can always put your bets on websites like Grabon, Asaan, Groupon, and many more. Preferability nowadays goes to Asaan, as their simple website makes browsing various coupons and deals easier and fun. At their website, one can simply visit Rehlat store to get their hands on exciting Rehlat coupon code and Rehlat coupon in order to grab best travel deals in the United Arab Emirates.

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Avoid Planning the Trip in Near Future

Book Early to Save Money

If you crave to save more money while traveling to amazing destinations in Dubai or anywhere in the world, then you should book your flight tickets and hotels way before the actual date of the trip as this can give you a great amount of money to save. Usually, flights and hotel bookings in the near future (say 1-2 weeks) are very costly and can provide a bump in your budget. So if you are dead set to go on a family vacation, make arrangements 1-2 months before the trip to save big crunch of money to avoid a hole in your pocket.

Take Advantage of Free Airport Shuttles

Free Bus Shuttle from Dubai Airport

Unlike other cities around the world Dubai is a bit expensive when you choose to take Taxi or public transport from airport to hotel. Though Dubai Metro could be the cheap option as it cost only AED 5 from Dubai International Airport to Dubai Marina but it can leave you with a walk to your hotel in almost 40+ degree celcius temperature. Many hotels in Dubai offers shuttle bus or pick and drop service from airport. Shuttle bus service is a bit expensive compare to Dubai Metro but it saves you walking in an extreme temperature. Also its would be a lot cheaper than taxis. Also if you chooses Abu Dhabi as a landing destination, many airlines offers free shuttle service from Abu Dhabi airport to major places in Dubai.

Go in Off-Peak Season

Summer in Dubai

Though Off-peak season in Dubai from May to October is very hot but still you can find many activities to have fun in Dubai. Big advantage of traveling to Dubai or any destination in the world in off-peak season is cheap hotel prices. You can book a 4 star hotel room with more than 70%-80% discount prices during off-peak season.

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Bring Your Own Drink

Alcohol in Traveling

Though Alcohol is served in almost all big and luxury hotels in Dubai but it is expensive and in very limited quantity. However, the travelers are allowed to bring 4 liters alcohol or 28 cans of beer per person in Dubai. So it is highly advisable to not to forget to pack your drinks in your suitcase or get them from duty free shops.

Use Alternate Airports

Abu Dhabi International Airport

It sound odd and feels like a big hassle but actually this is not true at all for Dubai. UAE is a small country and traveling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai takes only an hour or so. A flight to Abu Dhabi can be a bit cheaper compare to Dubai International Airport and then you can take free bus shuttle to many popular destinations in Dubai. Or you can visit Abu Dhabi also as Abu Dhabi, herself is a beautiful city with so many attractions.

Rent an Apartment Instead of Booking Two or More Rooms

Rent an Apartment or Villa in Dubai

If you are traveling with a big family or in a group of friends then it is highly recommended that you should rent an apartment, villa or condo instead of booking multiple hotel rooms or expensive hotel suites. You can find out good deals online on Airbnb or If you compare prices with hotel rooms on these sites you can see the clear difference.

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