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Tip to Visit the Most Beautiful Capital Ever : Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the most beautiful place located on the island of Persian Gulf and known as a beautiful capital of the country the United Arab Emirates. In one word people can call it as a mix of traditional ehos, monuments and the shopping malls and especially known for the beautiful beaches, adventure places and many more.

The modern Abu Dhabi of today will surely be a great place to enjoy utmost at every moment. If you are planning a trip then visit Abu Dhabi this time because, the desert safaris, malls will definitely a most engaging way for you throughout your journey and you can even find best discounts on your travel bookings using Almosafer coupons.

Here find some of the tips that you should be aware of while travelling to the Abu Dhabi and also the places which you should never miss to see.

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Tips While Travelling to Abu Dhabi

Before heading to any new place it is important to know a little about and how you have to survive there. Let’s find out some of the tips that you need to follow in UAE.

1. Best Time to Visit

Abu Dhabi Best time to visit

Abu Dhabi is one of those best places to visit any time because of it’s sunny weather all the year. But when it comes to the specification it between April and May or September to October is the best time to visit the place. If you wish to experience the best weather and spend time there in the city then you can visit between December to March.

2. Change the Way of Dressing

Abu Dhabi Dress Code

In Abu Dhabi public places both men and women should wear the dress covering shoulders and knees and a strict no to the tight fitting clothes. Coming to the sports field both genders have to keep the sports clothes. There is no restriction on bikinis at beach areas.

Note: All indoor places in Abu Dhabi are fully air-conditioned so it is better to carry a coat or shawl always.

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3. Respect the Local Law

Abu Dhabi Laws

Like in Dubai You should be aware of the strict laws in Abu Dhabi which is basically for whole of UAE. Some of them are as follows.

  • Alcohol: There is no restriction on Alcohol purchase in UAE. You can freely purchase anywhere at restaurants, bars and other places but not allowed to drink in the open street. 18 years is the legal age for drinking Alcohol in Abi Dhabi and if you still obtain to drink below the age or in public places you might to face the law.
  • No Intimacy: Any sort of relationship in public is restricted here. Strictly no touch, kiss in public and breaking the law punish you to pay fine or jail depending on the level of crime you did.
  • Strictly No to Drugs: The UAE law does not encourage drugs, narcotics and other illegal things to get into the country. Even the small finding of drugs can pay a big punishment. The medicine that you carry to the country should definitely have a prescription of doctors.
  • Cigarettes: Electronic cigarettes considered illegal in the country so be sure that you avoid such cases while travelling.
  • Financial Crimes: Financial crimes like cheque bounce, fraud, non-payment of the bill and any other can get you in trouble as the non-residents won’t get bail for such sot of crimes here.

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Best Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi

There are many places which you should visit in Abu Dhabi to get the most out of your trip. Following the laws they set in Abu Dhabi enjoy utmost here.

1. Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island or Saadiyat Public Beach is one of the known tourist attraction and must visit place in Abu Dhabi. To find the inner calm and recreate the thoughts, this public beach is a great place that you must visit on your trip. You can enjoy water sports, boarding and many other here.

2. Yas Island

Yas Island Abu Dhabi is a beautiful man-made Island which is a perfect destination to fill your dream. A one-stop place for entertainment, shopping and lot more. Yas Island is the center of attraction in Abu Dhabi, one should visit the place once in a lifetime for sure.

3. Al Lulu Island

Al Lulu Island is also a man-made island in Abu Dhabi in 1,050-acre. One of the must visit place in Abu Dhabi as it offers you shopping, water sports, entertainment and many more all at one place. It is mentioned that the island so large that it stretches from Abu Dhabi breakwater to Zayed seaport.

4. Marina Mall

Malls in Abu Dhabi are most famous attractions that one should check in which Marina mall in Abu Dhabi has that special place. This one of the largest malls is located close to the Emirates Palace hotel known for the shopping, entertainment and lot more to experience.

5. Umm Al Emarat – Mushrif Central Park

Mushrif Central Park is one of the largest parks in Abu Dhabi and also a beautiful place with the unique shape, garden and lawn. Because of the center location in the city, it is named as the Central Park which used to be only for the women and children initially. One can enjoy the experience of visiting this Central Park.

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Spending a day in a dream place is what we all think about and Abu Dhabi is never less than that. The place is beyond the imagination where you just enjoy every second and bet that you will never have any dull moments. It is a place of shopping as well, so, make sure that you enjoy shopping experience here either online or offline making use of the offers available. From tickets booking by using Tajawal coupons to planning a beautiful trip with the help of Almosafer coupons, you will surely enjoy your savings experience with Dubai online portals.

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