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The Top 6 Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants in Dubai Right Now

Dubai is one of the hottest destinations in the world. It is known for its gorgeous skyscrapers, stunning beaches, endless shopping malls, and love for finer things in life. However, most people forget to mention its food scene, which takes the crown. Since there is a multitude of nationalities in the Emirate, Dubai offers some of the best food in most of the luxurious restaurants in the world. Due to the stunning views and beautiful evening atmosphere, most of these restaurants offer outdoor seating. Here we are with the list of the best outdoor restaurants in Dubai 2021.

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Best Outdoor Restaurants in Dubai

If you are fortunate enough to be in this amazing city, you need to sample the food. We know where to find food worth gaining the extra weight for. The following best outdoor family restaurants in Dubai are the must-visit for anyone in the city.

1. Twiggy by La Cantine

Twiggy By La Cantine Restaurant Dubai

Twiggy by La Cantine is located at the picture-perfect azure lagoon of Park Hyatt. With beautiful sun-soaked shores to take in while you eat, this beach restaurant in Dubai has it all.

A look at its menu will convince you to give it a go. Its cuisine is described as internationally inspired with a soul rooted in the South of France. Taste Mediterranean flavours like you have never tasted before. Only the freshest ingredients are used to prepare the delicious food.

When you visit Twiggy by La Cantine, you will find a new favourite dish. Dine by the poolside or at the terrace for an unforgettable time. Whether you dine out with your friends or make a solo trip, you will be tempted to take a picture of the perfect moment. This new oasis has been established as a culinary hotspot. It is a great place to chill, dine, and drink.

The elegant yet relaxed atmosphere will ensure that you have the time of your life. The experience is only accentuated with an upbeat soundtrack and bold art that dots the restaurant. Sample their delectable sushi selection to truly satisfy your taste buds.

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2. Fi’lia

filia Restaurants Dubai

Fi’lia is another outdoor dining restaurant that you need to add to your list. It is an Italian restaurant that offers Italian comfort food. With the greenery and plush seating with the dramatic Dubai skyline as the backdrop, you cannot go wrong with this heavenly outdoorsy restaurant.

Head to the 74th-floor terrace at the SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences to sample dishes that have been inspired by recipes passed down through generations. Fi’lia is run by Sara Aqel, a Palestinian-Jordanian chef. This female-led restaurant will empower you through its world-class food.

A visit to this hotspot calls for a celebration. The food will take you on a journey along with Palestine, Jordan, and Italy. The combination of the three is unlike anything you might have tried in your life. Sara Aqel has managed to put her DNA into every food item on the menu.

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3. Koko Bay

Koko Bay Restaurant Dubai

Koko Bay occupies prime real estate on West Beach. It is located next to some of the most stylish venues overlooking Dubai Marina. The yacht-dappled coastline makes it an amazing spot to dine out.

When it comes to food, Koko Bay surely stands out. Its menu includes brasserie-style and Balinese dishes. Make sure to order its truffle and aged parmesan fries, seafood chowder, crunchy calamari, and nasi goreng as you browse through its menu.

Try its mixed drinks and let loose. Everything served at the restaurant is innovative and well-priced. Hence, you cannot go wrong by paying a visit.

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4. Myrra by Opa

Myrra by Opa Dubai

If you have a thing for island dining, Myrra by Opa has got you covered. Located at Club Vista Mare, this idyllic restaurant is just the place to get food and enjoy the views. The laid-back atmosphere and Mediterranean food will make you forget all your worries.

The terrace covers the prettiest spot in the city. It is always packed with expats and locals alike. You have to give it a visit to explore everything the food scene in Dubai has to offer.

Experience beachside dining like none other at Myrra by Opa. The striped parasols shading wooden tables create the perfect vibe. The cuisine is inspired by the Greek and Spanish islands. The moment you enter the restaurant, you will feel like you are on an island.

The reason why everyone is talking about this outdoor dining restaurant in Dubai right now is that it has nailed just about everything. The restaurant offers comfortable seating, an amazing ambience, delicious food, and friendly servers who make you feel right at home.

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5. Clap

Clap Restaurant Dubai

Head over to DIFC Gate Village to eat at Clap. It is a sleek, high-end dining spot that brings contemporary Japanese flavours to the table. Sit at the rooftop perch in the financial centre of Dubai and sample flavours that you never even knew you craved.

Their extensive menu consists of 141 dishes. Each dish is eye-watering. The striking aesthetic of the restaurant will transport you to a new world. You cannot miss out on its array of signature dishes such as wagyu beef and foie gras gyoza, salmon tartare with spicy miso, and yellowtail sashimi.

The best thing about Clap is that it even features a complete vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu. You have to eat their vegetarian sushi.

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6. Maiden Shanghai

Maiden Shanghai Restaurant Dubai

Finally, Maiden Shanghai is the ideal outdoor dining restaurant in Dubai. It is located at FIVE Palm Jumeirah. The premier party-centric address is where you get to sample Chinese cuisine and watch lively sunsets.

If you want to visit the best alfresco terrace in Dubai, you have to visit Maiden Shanghai. This panoramic terrace is furnished in flame hues and faces the Dubai Marina skyline. Its central bar is where you can expect to have the most fun.

Take your digital marketing agency team for a treat at this Chinese restaurant. It is spread over three floors. Indulge in organic and MSG-free gourmet dishes that are inspired by Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, and Cantonese.
The BBC Good Food Awards 2019 winner even boasts a private karaoke room where you can host parties and have fun.

There is always something to do at this must-visit Dubai restaurant.

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Dine Out in Dubai

Once you have finished reading our post, you will know the hottest outdoor dining restaurants in Dubai right now. Each restaurant has something unique to offer and is worth checking out.

Whether you enjoy eating Mediterranean food, Japanese food, Chinese food, or any other type of food, you can expect to find a high-end restaurant that caters to your culinary preferences. It is time that you made a booking at any of these Dubai hotspots.

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