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Rekindle Your Romance in Dubai with a Dhow Cruise Dinner

Most couples prefer going out for a long drive, watching a movie in a theater, and camping in the wilderness amidst nature to celebrate their love. If you are the one who don’t believe in following the suit, then cruising is what you should opt for. A romantic cruise dinner will work magic in your relationship and add spark to your love life. Dubai offers a perfect setting with its fleet of dhow cruise offering romantic dinner to rekindle your romance in Dubai. Sailing on board a traditional dhow under full moonlight and sparkling stars through the historic Dubai Creek and the stylish Dubai Marina is a rare romantic experience.

Dubai Dhow Cruise

The kind of atmosphere the dhows in Dubai create for passengers is impeccable. The lavish interior and brightly lit exterior make the right ambiance couples long for. Even the services right from welcoming, to offering quality foods, and entertaining guests with dance and music shows add to the romantic atmosphere. If you are looking for a romantic dinner in Dubai, head straightway for a dhow cruise. For there is something about the ocean and the sailing vessels that romance in Dubai and cruising have become synonymous.

Romantic Dinner at Dubai Dhow Cruise

When the dhow takes on its journey and glides slowly tearing down the peaceful and awe-inspiring Creek, you get to witness a spectacular view of Dubai skyscrapers. If you have seen the rising towers in the daytime, and when you do so in the evening, the difference in the looks will become obvious to you. In the evening, as the lights of the buildings are on, you get to experience two sides of Dubai – the Bur Dubai and the Deira. The former is old Dubai, and the latter is the new Dubai. The older part of the Dubai presents a picture of the pre-development era and the newer one of post-development era. Your better-half will love the view of the spectacular illuminated towers and may also have a nostalgic feeling seeing two different faces of the city.

Dubai Dhow Cruise Buffet Dinner

Since food is vital to add zeal to romance, the dhow cruise serves different types of food to satisfy the taste of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian couples. The food is prepared with the right type of ingredients and spices that can ignite passion and love. The most loved foods on a dhow cruise are the kebabs and the grills since they are prepared in a traditional style. As the dhow glides slowly and gently, dine with your sweetheart and strengthen your relationship. Like food, there is also a wide range of beverages you can sip along with your dear one while chatting and planning for the night. If you want to get a little naughty, there is also an alcoholic drink if the dhow is licensed to serve it. However, the serving of alcoholic drink will be limited to save passengers from getting drunk and meeting accidents. You can also taste the Bedouin style of smoking by ordering a sheesha.

Dubai Dhow Cruise at Marina

After drinking and enjoying food, couples need entertainment. Without entertainment, there won’t be any color and fun in a romance in Dubai. The dhow operators know very well how to keep couples entertained on board. The entertaining part is taken care by various by music, dance, and magic shows. Sit back with your partner and enjoy the performances. While each performance is better than another, the belly dancing is the most sensual and engrossing one. You and your partner are bound to get lost in the amazing performance of the dancers and the Arabian beats. Who knows you can even encourage your lover to get coaching for belly dancing and enjoy her dancing in your home all alone and in total privacy.

Dubai Dhow Cruise at Dubai Marina

Dubai has several tour operators who ferry passengers on the two busiest waterways – the Dubai Creek and the Dubai Marina. Dhows operating on both these routes are renowned for cruise dinner in Dubai. Moreover, the dhows are air-conditioned, especially the lower deck, and are equipped with all the safety gears to combat any unforeseen situations. There is also a section where couples can sneak away from the company of their co-passengers and spend a quality time with each other. Just go with your partner on the upper deck and experience natural cooling and the sparkling beauty of the city.

Many couples, whether they are native to Dubai or are from different countries, prefer a dinner at dhow cruise for a perfect romantic getaway as the cruise offers them privacy, food, and entertainment. So, take your beloved to an unforgettable journey and evening and rekindle your romance in Dubai with a dhow dinner cruise.

Romance in Dubai at Dhow Cruise

Belly Dance at Dubai Dhow Cruise

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