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The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour will be Completed in 2020

In the heart of Dubai, Amazing The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour construction is plan to start in next month and will be completed in 2020 to mark the Dubai Expo 2020. On its completion it will be the World’s Tallest building surpassing currently tallest building Burj Khalifa.

£700 million worth plans were released last week. Although the exact height has not been released and i am pretty sure that the name will be change just before the opening ceremony, it is confirmed by the developers, Emaar Properties, that it will definitely be taller than 2716 feet high Burj Khalifa.

The Tower, Dubai Creek Harbour Design

The Tower Design

Santiago Calatrava design was selected among five best architects in the world. The designed was inspired from the lily-bud and looks really spectacular. Santiago Calatrava called it an iconic monument that will set a new benchmark for engineering around the world. Described as both a piece of art, and as using the most advanced mathematics, engineering and physics known to man, it is expected to be one of the most significant structures ever created.

Towards the top of the structure, visitors will find a 360 degree viewing deck, known as The Pinnacle Room, while the VIP Observation Decks will recreate the splendor of the “Hanging Gardens Of Babylon”, one of the seven wonders of Ancient world. Balconies that extend outwards will rotate around the tower, and the structural core and tension cables will be gently and dynamically illuminated. As a result, The Tower will be visible for miles around.

Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour

The tower will be the center-piece of Dubai Creek Harbour just like Burj Khalifa is center-piece of Downtown Dubai. Dubai Creek Harbour will be a new waterfront destination of Hotels, Apartments, Shopping Malls and Restaurants. New apartments, villas and penthouses alongside the tower will be approximately priced from £184 135.

Dubai Creek Harbour Map

Dubai Creek Harbour as a project will stretch around 6 kilometer – twice the size of Downtown Dubai – and will be linked to the city via the Creek Bridge. The development include nine different districts. It will have a world class Yacht club, Marina and Harbour with 22 hotels, 6.79 million square meter of residential space and almost twice the area for retails. An elaborate network of waterfront, eco-resorts and landscaped gardens will frame the entire area.

Ahmad Al Matrooshi, Managing Director of Emaar Properties, said : “Just as Burj Khalifa serves as the center-piece of downtown Dubai, The Tower will position Dubai Creek Harbour as one of the most desired residential and leisure destinations in the city, providing residents and visitors with a modern and luxurious environment in which to live, work and entertain.”

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