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Top 4 Outdoor Refrigerators for Your Home in Dubai

Summer is indeed the season of outdoor fun activities. One of these activities is an outdoor party and BBQ. If you want to hold such parties in your backyard you need to set up an outdoor kitchen. To satisfy your guest and provide them with the utmost hospitality you need to equip it properly. An outdoor kitchen is never complete without outdoor refrigerators as it not only provides you with chilled beverages and keeps your snacks fresh, but it also gives your kitchen an elegant look. However, there is a vast variety of them available in the market and it can be quite difficult to choose the one that suits your taste.

Therefore, to make the search easy for you we have listed some of the finest outdoor refrigerators:

1. Summit SPR627OS

Summit SPR627OS refrigerator

This refrigerator with its iconic stainless-steel door and adjustable glass shelving is without a doubt worthy of being called one of the best. You can easily control its temperature through the digital thermostat built in it. It has a sufficiently insulated door with a security lock. All these features allow you to get chilled drinks and fresh snacks without worrying about security. You can enjoy cold drinks even at a temperature of 100 degrees.

2. Avallon AFR151SSODRH

Avallon AFR151SSODRH refrigerator

Avallon is the best choice for outdoor usage if, you want an affordable and smaller refrigerator with a 34.5-inch height and 15-inch width. It contains a highly efficient compressor that provides an instant cooling effect. Inbuilt carbon filters remove unpleasant odor from the fridge. It comes with additional space for placing cans and bottles on the door of the fridge. It works efficiently as a freestanding unit. If you want a low-cost yet competent cooling device then this refrigerator is the right choice for you.

3. Blaze Blz-Ssrf-50D

Blaze Blz-Ssrf-50D-refrigerator

Blaze refrigerators are one of the finest quality products as Blaze provides a wide range of heavy-duty outdoor refrigerators that are best for open-air activities like BBQ party and movie nights. Blaze Blz-Ssr-50D is a top-notch refrigerator that comes in a size of 5.2 cubic feet.

What makes it unique from others is its defrosting ability that reduces the hassle of maintenance. Digital thermostat, interior fan, compacted size, and chrome shelves are the main features of this refrigerator that make it a worth buying product. Blaze is a top choice among outdoor refrigerator companies, so you might want to visit this site for more options of a refrigerator from the brand:

4. Bull 13700

Bull 13700 outdoor refrigerator

With its 304 stainless-steel body, bull 13700 can survive even under extreme climate conditions. You can easily set temperature in between 36F-57F. It comes with a door alarm feature and it is 5.6 cub. Ft. that allows you to place lots of drinks because it contains 20 slots for adjustable shelves. Moreover, it has an automatic door closing feature that comes with an insulating layer to prevent wastage of cooling.

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Well at the end of the day all you need is a good outdoor refrigerator and the above-listed ones are our best picks and we suggest choosing any refrigerator on the base of interior lighting, door lock, reliability, and limit of energy consumption properties.

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