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Differences between Commercial and Home Fitness Equipment

There are many options to choose from when searching for fitness equipment for your home or your gym. One of the major mistakes that people typically make is that they do not know the difference between a piece of equipment for one’s home or something that’s suitable for a commercial gym.

On one side of the story, many fitness enthusiasts looking to work out within their homes end up buying machines that are meant for commercial purposes, is this necessary and what should you look for your home or for use in a gym?

Here are some key differences you should keep in mind when exploring options for your perfect fitness equipment.

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Commercial Fitness Equipment

Commercial fitness equipment in dubai

It’s typically the type of equipment you’d find at your local gym. This equipment happens to be more durable and stronger because it is used by scores of people throughout the day, every day.

Commercial fitness machines are designed to withstand the rigors of excessive and long durations of use.

One of the key ways you can tell it apart is the price, in the UAE commercial gym machines, for example: some of the larger units like a treadmill will start at 5,000 aed. They will be 160kgs or more and have a maximum user weight of 170kgs upwards (the price and weight figures have been taken from This shows that they are built with commercial grade processes and materials.

Then if you’re looking at other major machines like a chest press it’s going to be upwards of 3,500 aed.
One major drawback of commercial fitness equipment is that it’s very expensive, prompting many local gyms on a tight budget to opt for used machines with a lower price.

What are you looking at for used gym equipment, typically it’s the top brands but refurbished and maybe painted, when new these commercial treadmills might be around 43,500 aed, used they go for around 4000-8499 aed, for example we are selling a Life Fitness CLST, one of the best treadmills in the world for 7999 aed.

Some great new commercial gym equipment in the UAE market are made by companies like Insight Fitness, Impulse Fitness and BH Fitness. If you are looking for better brands that are made in the UAE, Life Fitness, Matrix and Precor are your best bets.

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Home Fitness Equipment

Home Fitness Equipment

Brand-new home workout equipment is not as expensive as commercial fitness equipment. Although depending on the brand it can be sometimes, especially some of the Technogym designer line which looks and feels amazing to use.
Home gym equipment is not designed to be used for 3 hours or more a day and if it’s a cardio machine it will weigh less, be easily moved and could even fold so its saves space in your house.

Some of the best home gym equipment brands are Kettler, NordicTrack (although they also do commercial), York fitness, and TA Sports.

Usually people buy home gym equipment like treadmills and bikes then a bunch of accessories which you can find a good selection of in the UAE, however, be warned; don’t spend too little as you’ll get a machine that is likely to break down and be horrible to use.

To give you some examples, I’d aim for treadmills upwards of 2000 aed, bikes upward of 1500 and ellipticals upwards of 1500 aed. Then the price for smaller items and accessories can obviously vary.

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Final Words

Simply put, if you are building a home gym, you needn’t look for commercial fitness equipment as it’s costlier and can limit your ability to work out at home. So, research properly before you intend to buy one for your home.

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