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3 Ways To Improve Your Treatment Of Foreign Workers

Foreign workers need to be treated as well as any other valued employee. A firm’s level of success could depend on it.

Often, foreign workers are perceived as something of a last resort. For example, the U.K. is currently offering foreign workers 10,000 temporary work visas to tackle issues with their supply chain. They had ruled out doing such but are now u-turning out of desperation.

You may be content with your fair treatment of foreign workers. The best bosses always try to go the extra mile for those in their employ.

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1. Consider Visa Chaos

Close the gap of understanding between you and your foreign workers. Gain insights into what they experience in immigration.

Consider the H-2B visa requirements if you have adhered to them. Take note of the fact that an employer can have H-2B workers for up to three years. Know that these visas can be extended by increments of one year up to three years. Understand that you can apply for these visas only if you cannot find qualified and available U.S. workers to fill roles.

View this situation from the foreign worker’s perspective. Be aware family members can only join them if they apply for H-4 visa status. Anticipate them missing the other loved ones they leave behind or grappling with an uncertain long-term future. Ensure they feel valued to you as professionals and as people.

2. Invite Their Experiences

Do not treat foreign workers as a disposable part of your workforce. Welcome your foreign worker’s experiences and allow each one to inform their roles where applicable.

Be friendly and open a dialogue with them. Listen to their stories and help them to feel heard and respected.

Discuss all the training they may have already received and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Talk about what brought them to the USA and what they hope to achieve while working with you.

Respect their cultural holidays and traditions. Learn about them so that you can ask insightful questions or avoid asking insensitive ones. Try to learn some basic words in any of their native languages to highlight you have made an effort for them. Try not to impose the American way of life onto them beyond basic lawful requirements. Bring them to the foreground of your firm’s identity and celebrate diversity.

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3. Create a Welcoming Workplace

Recognize that you need to consider the behavior of your employee’s too. Facilitate an inviting work culture for foreign workers.

Remember that some people are not in favor of foreign workers today. Try to eradicate these sentiments from your business. Stress the benefits of temporary foreign workers to those in your permanent employ. Let these recruitment drives be a cause for celebration.

Think about enforcing company-wide policies. Set clear rules on worker well-being that must be adhered to.

Implement anti-bullying and anti-harassment measures. Ensure your H.R. department is equipped to handle any complaints of discrimination and carry out disciplinary procedures.

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