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Dubai: Worlds Most Extra-Ordinary Destination for the Seafood Lovers

So many of us have a love affair with seafood. Delicate oceanic flavours and succulent, tender bites combine to put seafood dishes amongst our favourite fine dining experiences. But where in the world can food aficionados find the greatest of all seafood dishes?

London? Paris? New York? There are several cities known for their breathtaking culinary experiences. For seafood, however, the city of Dubai could claim to be one of the world’s most extraordinary destinations for several reasons.

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Read on to find out what makes Dubai’s seafood scene so special.

Extraordinarily Fresh, Just-off-the-boat Seafood

Deira Fish Market Dubai

Dubai’s fishing trade goes back hundreds of years, meaning there’s no shortage of fishing knowledge and experience. Fishing dhows have landed on Dubai Creek every day for centuries, bringing with them a wealth of exquisite local seafood. You can still enjoy watching these picturesque dhows pass by as you enjoy a Creekside seafood feast.

Today’s fishermen have not only inherited their ancestors’ hard-earned wisdom which means they instinctively know where to catch the most succulent fish; they also have modern fishing technology to ensure there is an abundance of incredibly fresh seafood landing each day.

Each morning at Deira Fish Market, you can come face-to-face with this cornucopia of seafood delights. If you’re an early riser, it’s an amazing place to wander before the city awakes. There’s a buzz of excitement as friendly traders compete to sell their catch to local restaurants, who are eagerly handpicking the best fish for their lunchtime diners.

Much of the seafood in Deira Fish Market has been caught nearby in local waters. However, you’ll also find seafood that has travelled a short distance from nearby regions, like Oman. This helps increase the range of species available and means that Dubai’s best seafood restaurants can serve a more diverse menu.

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A Vibrant and Diverse Restaurant Scene

Dubai Vibrant Restaurants

One of the most striking things about Dubai is its wonderful diversity, especially in the restaurant scene. Name a cuisine from almost anywhere in the world and there’s an incredible place for it in Dubai. Popular cuisines like Japanese, Thai, and Meditteranean are here, as well as many lesser-known cuisines. People from all over the world have brought their culinary expertise and fine skills to this city. All the world’s greatest delicacies can be found in Dubai.

Each cuisine has its unique ways of preparing seafood. From sushi to grilled prawns, to delicate bouillabaisse or Keralan fish curry, there are almost infinite ways of preparing seafood. Each and every cuisine has its own distinctive mix of flavours and you can try them all in Dubai. Even the most sceptical diner can find a seafood or fish dish they adore here.

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Some of the World’s Finest Chefs and Greatest Service

Dubai Best Chef and Services

It’s no secret that Dubai is one of the world’s best places to eat. Inevitably, when National Geographic compiled its “best food cities in the world” list, it hit the top 10. This was a data-driven, highly researched list that took into account thousands of reviews across online platforms to definitively and officially say where the best culinary destinations are in the world. Dubai more than deserved its place.

Dubai is also known for its world-class service. Dining in Dubai isn’t just about the food on your plate; it’s also a paradise for luxury hospitality. In the best restaurants in Dubai, every tiny detail is considered to ensure the most incredible dining experience.

And when you combine fine chefs from across the globe, beautiful restaurants, impeccable service, and the freshest seafood, you get the finest seafood dining experiences possible.

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Five of the Finest Dishes to Look Out for

Best Seafood Dishes in Dubai

Here are some of Dubai’s best-loved seafood dishes:

1. Decadent Lobster

For special occasions, lobster is always the right choice. This is why it’s known as the “King of Seafood”. There is no seafood dining experience that feels more indulgent or more fit for royalty. To provide the freshest lobster to their diners, the best seafood restaurants have their own aquarium.

2. Succulent King Crab Legs

There are few food experiences more satisfying than cracking open a king crab leg to unleash the soft, super moist flesh hiding beneath. Few dishes will make you crave for more. King crab must be cooked carefully to ensure that its naturally delicate flavours stay locked in.

3. Grilled King Prawns

King prawns are popular in so many cuisines, but straight off the grill is the favourite way of eating them for many of us. The best-grilled prawn dishes benefit from a slow bath in a tangy marinade before they hit that red-hot grill.

Sweet and succulent king prawns are just the right size for dipping into a delicious sauce, too. And with the smokiness from the grill adding even greater depth of flavour, it’s hard to imagine a better quick-bite seafood treat.

4. Flaming Salt-Baked Sea Bass

Flaming salt-baked fish is an exquisite dinner and a little theatre in one. The fish is bathed in layers of salt and baked. This helps the fish retain all its natural moisture and flavour. Shortly before serving, the crust is set alight, adding more flavour and a lot more drama as it makes its way to your table. Watch as the salt is cracked open in front of you, revealing the most tender, delicate fish imaginable. Sea bass is particularly beautiful cooked this way.

5. Caviar

Caviar releases the most exquisite flavour as it pops; a delicate, silky mix of ocean tastes both salty and umami. Caviar is a beautiful accompaniment to many other flavours, but a favourite in Dubai is a take on surf n’ turf: caviar atop the finest of meats, Wagyu beef. Find it in Dubai’s finest restaurants.

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Underwater Restaurants to Give Extra Touch

There is nothing more adventure than eating the best seafood underwater with the company of fish and sea creatures all around you. Here we are with the best underwater restaurants in Dubai:

1. Ossiano

Dinning at Ossiano at Atlantis Dubai can be an experience nothing like anywhere else. Ossiano is an award-winning seafood restaurant voted as the best restaurant in Dubai many times. TimeOut Dubai Restaurant Awards rated Ossiano as the Best Romantic and Seafood Restaurant in Dubai.

Ossiano offers the best seafood cuisine with the underwater setting at elegant Atlantis, The Palm. It is a perfect location for an exotic dining experience with the view of the floor-to-ceiling aquarium filled with 6,000 marine species including sharks.

2. Al Mahara Restaurant Burj al Arab

With no doubt, Al Mahara Restaurant is the best restaurant located in one and only seven-star hotel in the world, Burj al Arab. Like Ossiano, Al Mahara Restaurant also has a floor-to-ceiling aquarium wall to experience the best underwater experience. Besides all the luxuries of Burj al Arab, Al Mahara Restaurant offers a unique experience to diners as well.

The restaurant is basically not on the ocean floor but on the ground floor of the Burj al Arab. Everything at the restaurant gives exceptional looks, however, it is definitely the once in a lifetime experience to eat at Al Mahar Restaurant.

The exotic restaurant not only just offer the underwater look to the guests but also offers one of the best seafood in Dubai.

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Exquisite Fusion Food

Best Dubai Fusion Restaurants

For something a little different to excite your taste buds, international fusion restaurants take the best ingredients and combine technical elements of a variety of cuisines to create exquisite dishes that are more incredible than the sum of their parts. For an incredibly memorable meal, these are the restaurants to seek out to complete a special visit to Dubai or for any special occasion.

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