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Enjoy the Unique Wine and Dine Experience in Dubai

After a very stressful day to day work, holidays are the best time to travel and unwind. You deserve to indulge yourself in a tranquil place where you can enjoy your food and wine with your loved ones or even with yourself. It is a dream of every hardworking person like you. Let us help you to determine the best place and ways to enjoy your holidays in Dubai!

Dubai offers a lot of exciting choices to enjoy special occasions like anniversary, reunion, special gathering with your family and or a celebration of success. You waited so long and earned money for this kind of celebration so we gathered uniques ways, food and drinks like a wine you can enjoy in Dubai.

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Best Dining Experience In Dubai

Here we are with a list of some unique restaurants where you can have the best dining experience in Dubai.

Dinner in the sky

It seems like it is true that being on top in everything is a fulfilling experience even in dining. Experience this fantastic dining on the cloud in Dubai. You will feel that you are on a cloud nine. You will eat and drink in the sky. Your table and chair will be hanged 50 meters in the air with these brave chefs from The Le Meridien and The Westin Mina Seyahi Marina and not just that because just like in other dining restaurants, you will be fascinated with the impressive performances with their talents. All of these you can enjoy a fear-free because you will be harnessed in. So you can include this on your unique experience in Dubai!


If dining in the sky is not your thing, there is nothing to worry about because you can still have your unique experience in Dubai by dining at the bottom of the ocean. Yes! It is possible in Ossiano because it is an underwater bar and restaurant that has a glass ceiling that allows you to see the magnificent ocean creatures in Atlantis. There are 65,000 different types of fish you can enjoy to watch while dining together with their delicious seafood dishes. What a dream come true to eat under the ocean!

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Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant

If walking around can stress you then why not sit and relax in Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant. You can still enjoy Dubai while sitting in one place and eating your favorite dishes because this restaurant will give you a 360-degree view of Dubai while you dine. The restaurant will slowly revolve around the city for you to see the beautiful spots in Burj Khalifa, Creek, and the sea. Well, it seems like Dubai is giving you everything you need!


We understand that you want to be away from the city lights and the crowd. So we are giving you the chance to experience dining in the dark. There is nothing to worry because you are still going to see just what you need like your plates, forks, table, and food and that is possible with the use of your googles that has a night vision that allows you to see the waiters and the food you need. Eat and relax your eyes while dining in Noire.

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Best Wines You Can Enjoy In Dubai

A sip of wine can definitely complete your dining experience. If you are looking for a unique wine to drink in Dubai, here are the top on the list. Chateau Lafite Rothschild is one of Bordeaux and famous names in the world of wine. Jean-Claude Fromont, a French wine. Montes, Cloudy Bay, Louis Jadot, Penfolds and Jacobs Creek. These are the best drink that you can enjoy while dining and enjoying the dazzling views in Dubai at night. According to the Drinks Business, these brands of wine are the most salable drink in Dubai, and it is an excellent experience to at least try a sip of these luscious wine that can complete your holiday experience in this country.

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Life is to short to limit your self from having unique experiences. Go out and travel, there are a lot of new experiences you can try and beautiful places you can explore, and it is priceless. While you still have a chance to taste the food, go ahead eat and drink that makes you satisfy. While you have the opportunity to walk, go and step out. While you still have the chance to touch, smell and feel then explore! Know that life is too short to waste it from working all day and stressing yourself. Be the purpose of your hard work. Use these guidelines for your next travel goals!

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