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Why Netflix is Number one in the UAE?

The question is why Netflix in UAE become the number option for the residents. Well, here is the answer to that.

The pandemic hit the world hard! People were locked in their houses and had to find something to do, some people went fitness crazy, did you see the rise of Pelotons stock! Others went streaming crazy.

With so many players vying for the customers Netflix has come out as the number one choice of people in UAE.

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Netflix Original UAE

The Start!!!

Netflix started off by providing customers with DVDs using snail mail.

They famously offered their whole business to Blockbuster the original retail store that you rented movies from for only $50 million USD! What a steal, currently Netflix’s market cap is worth $167.07 billion dollars!

So Netflix started offering licenses of movies and TV shows which had gone off the shelf. The streaming service had the license for most of the famous content from the past.

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The Price!!!

Netflix started by offering great content, everything from documentaries to movies to new Hollywood hits for a very attractive monthly subscription price. Initially, this was a money-losing business model, however, they have seen incredible growth in their subscriber base. They are growing at a compounded 16.4% and if you know anything about compound growth, you’ll know that is incredible. Last year they added 8,400,000 subscribers.

Original Content!!!

Netflix now develops its own content. To give subscribers more bang for the buck and they have started to get it very right, the last 2 years especially have seen a lot of great reviews, feedback and demand for their original content. And unlike cable and satellite TV shows which offer one episode a day, they release the whole season in one go. The idea gave birth to the concept of binge-watching. Viewers can watch the whole series in one go making Netflix the number one choice.

Extractions Netflix Dubai

The artificial intelligence software that Netflix has studies the habits of the viewers and makes recommendations. This helps the Netflix subscribers to get the content they like.

This is a fun fact, the AI software Netflix uses also shows individualised thumbnails (the image that you first see on your feed for each show and movie), based on what they think you’d like to see, spooky but also true!

They thrive to give quality content to their users. The most popular series from Netflix are from all over the world. Money Heist comes from Spain and Squid Games from Korea. The content has traversed the boundaries and finds takers all over the world.
They keep you glued with their content!!!!!!!!

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