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Top Rated Tips on How To Plan A Dream Family Vacation to Dubai

Whether you plan to travel with hard-to-please teenagers or little ones, there are many considerations to think about before you book a dream family vacation to Dubai from My Hotel Break this year.

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Top Tips for Dream Family Vacation to Dubai

Here are a few of our best tips on how to make sure you achieve the most from your time together on your family trip.

1. Pack Strategically

When it comes to family travel, there are many things that you need to think about, so added stress relating to baggage restrictions and allowances will get your vacation started on the incorrect footing. Before traveling, check the restrictions from the airline in regards to electrical devices such as game consoles and tablets, baggage size, and restrictions associated with liquids. Make sure you check through everything twice to prevent unnecessary delays once you reach the airport. It is also a wise move to store some clothing items in hand luggage, such as spare outfits and swimwear for your kids, should your luggage go missing.

You can checkout below some of our guides related to packing and dress codes to follow during your family vacation to Dubai.

2. Think About Nap Time

When traveling with young kids, especially children that haven’t started school yet, try to make sure your transport is booked around their sleeping patterns when possible. For example, if your little one has a set nap time, look for flights that take off just before nap time. This will allow you to enjoy the flight a bit more. If your flight is particularly lengthy, you may want to book a flight that includes a stopover to break the travel time up a bit. This will allow your kids to move around a bit and stretch out before boarding another flight for the rest of the journey. For instance, for a Far East family trip, think about stopping over in Dubai. If the stopover is long enough you can enjoy the waterparks and beaches, or take a short tour of the city. Stopovers in Bali, Malaysia, or Thailand are excellent options for families that would rather avoid a long and single flight to Asia.

3. Plan Ahead And Pre-Order

If the airline provides children’s meals, ensure that you have booked in advance and reserve meals you know they will like. This will also give you peace of mind that your little ones will have a meal over the course of the flight. It is also worth your while to check if the airline shows kid’s programs or films, which may mean you won’t be needing to pack your own in-flight entertainment. If there isn’t anything suitable, pack things to keep your children busy. This could include downloaded movies on a tablet, puzzles or coloring books, and their favorite toy to make them feel more secure.

4. Keep Water On You

Make sure you are hydrated during the flight and once you reach your destination. If your travel plans include a humid and hot environment such as the Indian Ocean, keep bottles of water close by to keep your hydration levels up.

5. Safe Sightseeing

If you have ventured away from the resort you are staying in for a bit of sightseeing, choose a “meeting point” if you do get separated. This is not just for the benefit of your kids, but also for you and your other half since the phone signal might not be that great. This will ensure everyone knows where to go if someone gets lost. Consider dressing your kids in bright clothing which will make them easy to locate in crowds, or leave the business card of the hotel in one of their pockets in case they get lost or wander off.

6. Create An Itinerary

While it may seem tempting to be spontaneous on your vacation, when traveling with family it is a much better idea that you have plans in place when it comes to what you would like to do and see on your family vacation to Dubai. It is also important to keep in mind that certain excursions or trips may take a bit longer when you have children with you, especially younger ones. So give yourself ample time to ensure you get to enjoy whatever you decide to do. It is also worthwhile to check online for offers and deals, especially family-friendly attractions to make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our experienced, savvy, and friendly Travel Consultants are here to help you create your itinerary that will match up to everything you want from your family getaway.

Hope all these tips may will help you to plan a dream family vacation not only to Dubai but anywhere in the world.

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