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7 Ways to Make Class 5 Maths Fun for Students

Maths is a subject that most students begin to dread starting at a young age. And so, the fear starts to balloon as they grow up. As such, it is important to make this subject fun to learn starting at a very young age. If students are encouraged to be involved with this subject from a very young age then the fear would eventually fade off or not develop at all. This can be achieved quite easily when taken care of at the right time. The entire subject is really about the brain and formulas. This early intervention in a fun way of studying maths can also help students grow beautifully and show greater signs of intellect. However, teachers and parents remain confused as to what they can do to make it fun for the students and make them more involved with the subject.

This article will cover many ways that teachers and parents can employ to help improve students’ performance and understanding of Class 5 Maths and would also help them retain everything for long. As such, listed below are some tried and tested ways that will really help your child:

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1. Use the Child’s Hands

Teachers should allow students to use their hands when making them learn numbers or when teaching them fractions or angles. Students find this activity very interesting because they get to learn something on their fingers and also get to use their hands in a different way than usual. Teachers or parents touching their fingers and making them make different angles on it is a new experience for them and they consider it as a wow moment looking at it with amazement. Thus, this can be a very helpful way of making students indulge in numerics.

2. Use Flashcards

Teachers can use flashcards and show the students various sums. They can make flashcards for each step for a particular sum and then make them do it on paper. This way they will be able to comprehend what happens when a certain formula is used and how the figure looks after calculation. This is a very good practice for class 5 Maths students. They are at a more fun-loving age and they try to understand what was added or deducted in new flashcards which helps them learn with ease.

3. Use videos

A very influential way of helping a child learn the various concepts of maths is to make use of videos. There are many videos available on the internet that can be well used for teaching sums, multiplication, decimals, fractions, LCM, geometry, and more. These videos are in story-like formats and help students to retain better. Students usually show different emotions while watching these videos, and wish to make similar stories for themselves. In doing so they tend to implement the same procedure of formulas as used in the videos. Also, these videos are quite endearing, and thereby a good source of recreation for teachers and parents.

4. Books

Books are very important for students of any class. There are various types of books that teachers and parents can use. NCERT books are very beneficial to develop the intellect of class 5 Maths students because of the questions that it has to offer. They are really interesting and allow the growth of curiosity. You can easily find these books on the market, as well as online by searching for – NCERT Books Class V Maths. In addition, picture books can also be used to show fractions and other HCF and LCM related sums to increase engagement with the syllabus.

5. Field Play

Students should be made to go to the playground and should be taught area, perimeter, quadrilateral, angles, and such other concepts while making them play different games like football, basketball, simple running, kho kho, dog in the pond. This is a highly effective method of helping students engage with the subject and use it in real life. This way they do not get bored and instead, ask more and more questions which of course is a great sign of learning. This method can also remove any fear related to long digits or failures with various digits.

6. Use 3d objects

Another effective method of making this subject fun for students is to use 3d objects to teach different chapters. For example, students can be made to show various glasses filled with different amounts of water and be made to learn the chapters related to fractions. This way they would again use this method in various things they do in their daily routine and would be better able to work with fractions in advanced stages of addition and subtraction, multiplication, and division. The more they learn to involve Maths in their day to day lives, the more they will be inclined towards learning maths.

7. Always carry a smile

A mentor plays a very important role when making the students study. It is of great importance that mentors remain calm and happy while teaching because a cranky and angry face would make students scared of the subject. They will start avoiding the subject. This will not be good either for the student or for the teachers or parents. Instead, teachers and parents should appreciate and motivate their actions taken out of studying maths and should avoid forcing them to get good marks. This is because it will pressurize them and they will consider the subjects as a burden.

A class 5 Maths student is still developing and is still at an age with greater neurological processes. Therefore, any involvement with making maths a better place to be would show greater signs of a student being happy with maths as a whole. Maths is not a difficult subject if done the right way from a very early age and can be a huge increment in the development process of students. Therefore, teachers and parents can employ any of the above-mentioned methods or can involve all the methods and they would be able to see excellent results.

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