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Dubai Dress Code – Everything a Tourist Needs to Know

People who are into traveling a lot are always stuck with a simple question – what to wear in a country they are about to visit! You might have this question in mind when you plan to visit Dubai. A lot of options run through the mind when you look for Dubai Dress Code while searching on the internet. Such as, what would be the weather like, what kind of culture would be there and most importantly what kind of clothing would be acceptable.

For men, a simple solution to such an uncertain situation would be to go for branded collar T-shirts. You will get the desired modern and chic look in these branded collar T-shirts as well as the desired comfy feeling in it.

Women usually are more concerned about these questions. They are the ones who often worry about the dressing, styles, and fashion trends when it comes to clothing in a foreign country. But this information should not just be linked to women, men should also be well aware of the clothing sense whichever the country maybe.

The confusion increases when you plan to visit one of the Muslim countries, such as Dubai. What kind of dress code to follow in a Muslim country depends upon which country you are planning to visit. Muslim countries have some dress codes to follow even for tourists. Dubai, although a Muslim country is quite relaxed and comfortable when it comes to clothing.

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Dubai- An Islamic country

Dubai Islamic Country

First of all, let’s learn about some of the facts about Dubai. It is a city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is an Islamic country. The domestic culture of Dubai is Islamic, although a major part of the population consists of expatriates, most of them are from the west. The traditional clothing of Dubai is quite modest. It is classy as well as beautiful. It also has modern versions of fashion in it.

Whenever you find yourself in a confusing situation like this and wonder what to wear in Dubai being a tourist, well the answer to that is quite simple- choose the clothing that is modest yet classy, elegant and comfortable for the weather as well as the country’s culture.

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Traditional wear of Dubai

Traditional Wear of Dubai

Dubai is a stylish, multiracial and an up to date city with a variety of trends and clothing styles to choose from. A majority of the population of Dubai is made up of ex-pats from all around the world. Emirati society and their culture have tolerance as one of its pillars on which it moves on. You do not have to wear the traditional dress in Dubai. Women also do not need to cover their heads with a headscarf or a hijab either.

In today’s era, everything is accessible with just a click, considering that, you might have seen photos of Dubai. You may already be aware of the fact that their traditional dress is a robe and it’s quite beautiful and equally classy. Women wear a black robe and it is called an Abaya. Men wear a white robe and it is known as the Kandora.

The dress- Abaya that the women wear often has some beautiful patterns and embroidery on it. It is available in many different styles – traditional and modern too. The modern ones have all the high fashion designs and motifs on it. The local women also wear a headscarf known as Shayla. The Shayla covers the head as well as the shoulders but usually not the face.

A Shayla, however, is different from a burqa and the niqab. A burqa covers the entire face and has a thin mesh covering for the eyes whereas a niqab covers the entire face leaving the eyes open.

Some of the women in UAE, usually older generation, use to wear a niqab or burqa but most of the Emirati women wear a Shayla.

The native people of Dubai wear this traditional dress with pride and devotion. They do not wear it because they are forced, because they are not. They can choose to wear or not wear it. That is why some of them wear their local dress and some do not wear it all the time. You too can try and wear their local dress if you want to.

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Dubai Dress code options for tourists

Dubai dress code for tourists

Dubai dress code for female tourists is simple. Women of all ages can choose to wear summer dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, tops, skirts, leggings, long shirts and even shorts.

Men on the other hand can choose to wear quite whatever they like. They can dress like as they would anywhere else. So, they can wear shirts, T-shirts, trousers, shorts and jeans.

Branded T-Shirts

Branded Tshirts in Dubai

When choosing for a trendy yet classy outfit, men and women both can opt for branded T-shirts. These T-shirts are available in a variety of designs, styles and sizes. You can choose the ones according to your taste and requirements.

These T-shirts apart from being comfortable and easy to wear also adds up to the dressing sense. A t-shirt makes you look cool while giving you a warm and cosy feeling.

You being a tourist is also free to wear your national dress in Dubai, be it a traditional saree or a shalwar kameez. You will also see many nationalities from different countries all over the subcontinent wearing their national dresses in Dubai.

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This is written in a hope that it will guide you to decide what to wear when packing for Dubai in case you are wondering what to wear in Dubai as a woman or even clothes required for males.

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