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Desert Safari Dubai Techniques to Improve Your Trip

At The Planet Adventure, customer service is of the utmost importance. All of our packages come with a free option for pick-up and drop-off. We appreciate your time and want you to have a fun and relaxing trip with us through the desert safari in Dubai.

Our operators are never in a rush, so you can take your time whenever. We ensure that you are never bored in our 4×4 luxury cars with free WIFI. At The Planet Adventure, we also try to keep prices low so that you can enjoy the cheapest desert safari without sacrificing the experience. We never overcharge, so you know where to find us if you’re in Dubai and want an authentic desert safari experience.

We go to the desert dunes that no one else goes to so that you can have the best Desert safari in Dubai. Fun and exciting adventure that I will never forget.

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Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Find below some of the best Desert Safari Dubai deals.

Dubai Desert Safari Deals

Evening Desert Safari

To make the most of your time in the Dubai Desert, consider going on an after-dark safari. So what? It is, after all, the most interesting place in the Arabian Desert. Spending a night doing things like riding camels, sandboarding, getting henna tattoos, and smoking Shisha is a beautiful dream.

On a dune-bashing safari, there is nothing more peaceful than walking toward a traditional camp in the middle of the desert as the sun goes down. A light, tasty BBQ buffet dinner with live shows like belly dancing, Tanura, and fire performances is a great way to end your day before drifting off to sleep in the Dubai desert.

Desert safaris are something that no one who goes to Dubai would ever miss. Because it is Dubai’s main attraction and makes tourists and visitors feel attractive the whole time they are there.

This desert safari in Dubai starts in the afternoon, and there are a few places where you can take pictures of your first moments. You reach your first stop, where you can watch a beautiful sunset after a thrilling dune drive.

Best Overnight Safari

The Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the best Arabian adventures because of its beautiful dunes, private tent, camel ride, and overnight stay.

The safari lasts for more than 12 hours. The Dubai safari desert with The Planet Adventure includes many fun things to do, such as dune bashing on the dunes of the Arabian desert, camel riding, sandboarding, falcon photography, and quad biking, among other things.

Next, this fantastic Dubai Desert Safari is made even better by spending the night camping in the desert and eating a delicious BBQ buffet dinner under a dark desert sky filled with stars. The following day, the trip ends with a delightful breakfast.

Morning Desert Safari

As you set out on an adventure in the Arab sands, you can’t help but feel full of excitement. Desert safaris are a great way to spend a morning in the beautiful city of Dubai. You can’t miss the morning desert safari if you’re visiting Dubai.

Our package includes the best parts of this trip, like a camel safari, dune bashing, visiting a camel farm, taking in the beautiful scenery, and more.

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Things to do on a Desert Safari

Things to do in Desert Safari

Following are some of the adventures you can do on a Dubai Desert Safari tour. These things will bring utmost enjoyment to your dream trip to desert safari in Dubai.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is when you drive a sports car (usually an SUV) over dunes at fast and slow speeds to increase the thrill and adrenaline rush. It’s exciting how the sand keeps moving around under your tires.

A particular skill is needed to drive an SUV on this bumpy and exciting ride, but it’s not hard to learn for people who already know how to drive a car. Dune bashing takes between 45 minutes and an hour most of the time.


Sandboarding is a common thing to do on a desert safari. It is similar to snowboarding and is one of the board sports. The sand in the Arabian Desert is soft and moves around a lot, so you can use a sandboard to ride down a dune.

Sandboarding is easy to do if you know how to surf or snowboard well. You can sit, lie down, or lean back to enjoy the moment.

Camel Ride

The most traditional way to see Dubai’s desert is riding a camel. There was a reason why people used camels to get around the desert in the past.

Your evening safari will likely hit you with the orange sky and desert sunset behind a dune on a camel or horse ride. Also, you need to follow animal welfare rules when you ride a camel.

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