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4 Private Jet Romantic Destinations to Consider From UAE

Romantic destinations or gateaways become even more memorable when planned with luxury in mind. And when people talk of luxury, the preferred mode of transport is a private plane.

Private jet charters let you expand your options beyond the usual destinations that commercial flights can reach. Plus, the exclusivity and privacy it provides are second to none.

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Top Romantic Destinations from UAE

But before you book a private charter, you’ll have to decide on a destination first. Unless you already have one in mind, consider the following four private jet destinations that help you take romance to greater heights:

1. France

Visit France

France is one of the first countries that come to mind when it comes to romantic getaways. After all, its own capital is known as the “City of Love.”

A romantic holiday in Paris is probably most people’s “ideal” getaway. After all, the city has always been synonymous with romance, as if it has been carefully tailored for this sole purpose.

But while your beloved may be expecting it, it would still be wrong not to include Paris in your list of potential private jet destinations for your romantic trip.

Instead of slashing it from your options altogether, consider making your trip less about the place and more about what you can do there with your significant other. From walking side by side along the Seine River to “locking in” your everlasting love on Lover’s Bridge, there’s so much you can do to make the destination so very special.

Once you and your partner breathe in the air of love, you’ll surely be enticed to return as if captivated by the Parisian spell.

2. Italy

Visit Italy

Besides the French, the Italians also have a solid reputation for romance. This is probably because some of the most loved date night foods, like pizza and pasta, originated in Italy. After all, there’s an undeniable link between the heart of a man (or woman) and their stomach (or so the saying goes).

For a day of love and romance, Venice is one of the best places to go to when in Italy.

Italian romance isn’t just about food. In many cases, it is also about a special ride on the gondola with your beloved through the Grand Canal.

Aside from the chance to be shoulder-to-shoulder with your special someone, a gondola ride also lets you get a front-row seat to the gorgeous and elegant view of Venice.

From the winding alleyways to the Venetian houses and buildings surrounded by water, the beautiful city becomes even more enchanting as the sun begins to set. Stroll the streets and you may just find small shops where you can make handcrafted keepsakes for the time you spent together.

If you’re staying longer, consider watching the opera at the world-renowned Teatro La Fenice as well.

3. Spain

Visit Spain

Spain is another well-known destination that offers rich culture and gorgeous vistas for lovers. A popular setting for many romantic films, this European nation has unique offerings ranging from urban charms to fountain-filled plazas.

Out of all the romantic places in the country, there are two that made this list:

Not only is Madrid the capital and most populous city in Spain, but it is also a prime destination for lovers with a classic taste for Sangria and delicious Spanish cuisine.

From croquetas (breaded minced meat) and huevos rotos (a meat-and-potatoes dish topped with over-easy eggs) to bocadillo de calamares (flour-coated fried squid rings), there are so many gastronomic wonders on offer in Madrid.
If you’re planning to head here, make sure you stay until sunset. The romance isn’t complete without taking a moment to admire the sun as it descends to switch places with the moon and leave a fully illuminated palace in Madrid.

Probably the most romantic Spanish city ever, Seville is the perfect place to create that fairytale-like atmosphere for your beloved. Home to many historic treasures, this quiet city is where you’ll also find the Royal Palace of Seville – the oldest royal palace still in use in all of Europe.

There, you’ll also find hints of the region’s Moorish history, particularly in the stunning Sevillian architecture. In contrast, the town’s restaurants offer several delicacies from a wide range of culinary influences, including the Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, and Jews.

Of course, this is all assuming you’ll want to explore even with the gorgeous Hacienda Belaluza as your temporary lodging during your trip. This dreamy spot just outside Seville looks like something from a movie scene, complete with a grand terrace and landscaped garden. As a bonus, you’ll also get to taste mouthwatering food from a Michelin-starred dining spot on site, so there’s really nothing more you can ask for.

4. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

If you and your beloved have already tried “traditional” romantic destinations, you may want to consider a more adventurous one.

In Abu Dhabi, you’ll find quite a number of record-breaking activities that will surely help trigger not only a rush of adrenaline but also feel-good hormones into your body.

You’ll find plenty of exciting romantic trip activities on Yas Island, from racetracks to indoor theme parks.

Yas Island
Besides being one of the most romantic places in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island is also considered the best destination for adventures.

The mixed-use development serves as an entertainment hub for people from all walks of life. However, it has become quite popular among couples, especially those who came from a few days of solitude from an exotic resort.
Located a mere 15-minute drive from the Abu Dhabi International Airport, Yas Island is home to action-packed adventures, some of which are world record holders.

Take Ferrari World, for example. Aside from having the fastest roller coaster in the world, the Ferrari-branded theme park also introduced to the world the roller coaster with the highest loop.

From there, you can head to Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. Hailed as the world’s largest indoor theme park under climate control, this is where you can make your partner’s dream of meeting world-famous characters like Bugs Bunny, Superman, Batman, and the Flintstones a reality.

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Take Romance to Greater Heights

Booking a private plane is an excellent start in planning a romantic trip that your significant other would remember forever. Now, all you need to do is choose a destination, sit back, relax, and experience romance as it reaches greater heights.

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