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Tips for Colleges and Universities Joining the Najah Expo for the First Time

According to a recent study, 79% of the polled students are interested in studying in a different country.
For colleges, universities, and other higher learning institutions, this means there are hundreds of international students to attract and recruit.

When you have a good number of international students, you’ll have a learning environment that fosters diversity, enabling learners to broaden their knowledge and understanding of various cultures around the world.

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International students also enhance multiculturalism inside classrooms. This makes for authentic, livelier, and more fruitful discussions that allow learners to share and understand different opinions and perspectives.

Higher learning institutions with a good number of international learners are also in a better position to attract more of the best and brightest students from different parts of the world. Because of this, you’ll have a stellar reputation, which you can continue to bank on year in and year out.

Reaping these benefits starts with getting your academic institution’s name out there. One way of doing this is participating in educational exhibits, such as the Najah Expo.

The Najah Expo is a platform that allows the top universities, colleges, and other higher learning institutions to promote their brand. It also enables the representatives to help students interested in studying abroad narrow down their options in terms of their possible courses and provider.

Thousands of attendees join this educational exhibit to explore their options. As such, this event is the perfect opportunity for you to recruit potential international students.

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Getting the Most Out of Your First Educational Expo

Although an eager audience can make it easier for you to promote your academic institution and connect with them, there are additional ways for you to get more benefits from the Najah Expo.

Below are some of these best tips and strategies:

1. Come Prepared

Joining an educational expo may seem straightforward; set up your table or stand, hand out brochures or pamphlets, and speak with anyone who visits you.

However, you have to prepare well for doing these and other things you have to do to get the most from this event.
Designate responsibilities beforehand so that everyone will know what to do before and during the expo.
Additionally, ensure you have a plan with your team on how to go about your to-do list for the exhibit. If you want to go around the venue to hand out pamphlets and business cards, create a schedule that allows you to take turns and avoid leaving your table or stand unattended.

Before the event, create a list of items to bring, which should include all your printed marketing materials, attendee logbook, tablets and other handheld devices you need to use, and giveaways, if you want to give them out.
Make sure you and your team know which materials they are responsible for preparing and packing and that you have a plan for bringing them to the venue.

Lastly, ensure you and your team read the rules of the expo beforehand and make sure to follow them. If there are specified sizes for posters or banners, check if the ones you plan to use meet them. If not, have new ones made that fit the requirements.

2. Avoid Rushing when Speaking to Potential Students

Although you want to speak with as many attendees as possible and get their contact details, your efforts will be futile if you simply rush talking to them.

Take as much time as you can to discuss the highlights of the college or university you are representing. Also, be patient with answering questions from anyone who visits your stand or table.

Potential international students will have plenty of questions regarding the course they are interested in taking, the facilities they will access, and the amount of support they can receive when studying in your college or university.

When you are able to answer the student’s questions satisfactorily, you gain their trust and let them know that they are important to you.

Moreover, you establish the right impression that the institution you represent is professional and cares about their future students.

As a result, they will likely engage with you when you conduct your follow-up activities.

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3. Don’t Ignore the Parents

Most attendees of educational expos are teenagers who are likely accompanied by their parents.
Because of this, be prepared to speak with the parents or guardians of some attendees.

Keep in mind that your potential students will rely on their parents’ financial support when they study abroad. As such, you need to assure them that the institution you represent can help their children achieve their academic goals.

Answering the parents’ questions satisfactorily also gives them assurance that their children will be in good hands even when they are far from them as they pursue their education.

Moreover, they can be your advocates, giving their children the push they need to choose your school.

4. Be Professional

During an educational expo, you’ll continuously speak with attendees for hours. And even if you’re not doing this, you’ll likely be roving around the venue to give out pamphlets or business cards.

No matter how exhausted you are, stay patient and professional as you say your spiel and answer the same questions repeatedly. Doing so uplifts your college’s or university’s image and gives students the right impression.

And as a recruiter, don’t underestimate your ability to influence potential students. Your words and demeanour can help you connect with the attendees, so be confident and share as much information as you can to enlighten them and drive away their worries.

Brushing up on your knowledge regarding the institution you represent and your presentation skills can help you with this.

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The Najah Expo is an excellent opportunity to recruit international students. You can further boost your chances of attracting more students by following these tips.

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