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The Ultimate Guide to Must Have Packing List for Dubai

Since the early 1990s, Dubai has been one of the leading tourist destinations. The city is modern, progressive, and cultural values have been driving it. Dubai provides many activities, which might make your packing list a big challenge. For your trip to be comfortable, you have to pack things for Dubai that will keep you cool throughout your stay in addition to a Kinzd slim wallet for your money. Dubai is known for hot weather and modest dressing. Here are the packing list for Dubai.

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Kinzd Slim Wallet

Kinzd Slim Wallet

A Kinzd Slim Wallet should be the first item in your packing list for Dubai. The wallet will fit in your front pocket, coat pocket or shirt pocket properly in addition to holding your important documents such as ID, driver’s license and credit cards. It will also hold enough cash without adding any bulk. You are unlikely to notice that the wallet is in your pocket unless you need to draw one of the items it holds. It will help you keep your look smooth. If you are worried about losing your documents during the travel, you can place it in your travel bag.

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Culturally Sensitive Clothing

Dubai Cultural Clothing

When packing clothing for Dubai, you should not select them as you do when moving to any other part of the world, especially if you are a woman. Even though the city has a large number of people from western countries, most businesses will demand modest apparel. Tank tops, bathing suits and sundresses are appropriate when going to the beach, but they will get you kicked out of the restaurants and malls. For example, the Mall of the Emirates has signs warning its visitors to wear modest clothing. Generally, you should aim to cover knees and shoulders. So pack a sweater and light layers for your indoor activities because the air conditioning in Dubai will make you feel very cold.

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Activity Specific Items

Dubai Summer Heat

In Dubai, the clothing requirements for various tourist attractions vary. A quick example, when going for outdoor activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, hiking and camel riding, you will have to protect your skin with wicking clothes. Sunscreen and a hat should not miss in your packing list if you are planning to spend most of your time outdoors. If you plan to visit several clubs or enjoy drinks in the local hotel bars, you will formal clothing. The natives of Dubai love dressing for evenings.

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Practical Items

Packing List for Dubai

Dirham is the primary currency of Dubai. However, debit cards and credit cards are also available. Due to the level of safety in the city, you do not need a money belt. Rental cars are a better choice when touring the city and the desert. You do not need an international license to drive a vehicle in the city. You will also get health and hygiene items everywhere but you will have to pack prescription medication for the whole journey. The stores mostly carry British products and painkillers alone. If you need American versions, you will have to bring them from home.

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GSM Cell Phone

Using Cell PHone in Dubai

Cell phones are important in Dubai because you will need them when calling hotel beach shuttles and taxis or to make a reservation with restaurants or travel companies. In the country, it is hard to get a payphone and you, therefore, need a GSM phone that is not locked to any specific carrier. After getting to Dubai, buy a prepaid SIM card at the airport or in a grocery store.

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Now that you know to pack, you can travel stress-free and confidently. Pack smart if you want to stay safe, culturally respectful and comfortable during the travel. Remember to pay for your travel insurance and to pack a Kinzd slim wallet for the safety of your documents.

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