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Dubai Packing Essentials: 9 Things People Forget to Pack When Moving to Dubai

Dubai has become a travel destination hotspot. It’s a city surrounded by an ocean of desert and also hosts sandy beaches. Due to its topographical features, the weather becomes scorching during the summer season and can even get uncomfortably humid. Whereas in the winter and spring seasons, outdoor activity is at its prime as the weather becomes mild and comfortable.

Within Dubai, you’ll find an amazing harmonizing environment as its society is vibrant, with people coming from various national backgrounds. The metropolitan area consists of dazzling skyscrapers, restaurants that offer international cuisine, and shopping centers of varying sizes, including local souks.

Whether you’re making a temporary or permanent relocation to another country, it’s important to become aware of the culture, rules and regulations, and the items that are a must-have while residing in your target location. To ensure that your personal belongings reach safely to the new location, book the services of a renowned International Moving company.

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Must Have Moving to Dubai Checklist

Here is an in-depth guide about moving to Dubai packing list and essentials, such as the things you mustn’t forget to pack while moving to Dubai.

Dubai Packing Checklist

1. Carry Light Cottonwear for The Scorching Heat

Since most of the UAE is a desert region, temperatures remain above 30°C for at most 8 months of the year. In the summer season, temperatures exceed 40°C and can even soar up to 50°C. To survive during such extreme heatwaves, one must be prepared with a stock of the right clothing.

The first thing that should be on top of your Dubai packing list is cotton wear. Pack up as much cottonwear as you can. Cotton is a good fabric that is soft and breathable. It can easily absorb body perspiration for keeping your body cool when staying outdoors.

To shield yourself from the sun’s harmful rays while working outdoors, it’s a good idea to pack a wide-brimmed hat or a scarf or two.

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2. Pack Sweaters and Long-Sleeved Clothing For The Winter Season

During the winter season, temperatures become mild during the daytime, whereas during the nighttime, they become cool. The winter season commences in December and ends in February. During this season, it’s common for the weather to become windy or cloudy with occasional rain.

Keeping long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, and light jackets is a good precautionary measure against getting cold due to the cool climate. An umbrella may also prove to be handy in case of heavy rainfall. Due to the hot weather climate, most of people forget about winter clothing as packing list for Dubai.

3. Stay Loaded On Sunscreen Lotion

The weather, in general, remains sunny or mostly sunny in the UAE. This means that there are increased chances of exposure to high levels of UV radiation when standing under the sun. For the protection of your skin, you must use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF level of 30 or higher.

Skincare experts recommend other precautionary steps for protection from the harsh sun, which include covering the body or wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

4. Scarfs or Pashminas Can Come in Handy

Dust storms are common since Dubai is situated in a desert area. Don’t forget to keep a scarf or two at hand as they prove to be useful for shielding the face against blowing dust. Scarfs and pashminas can help you to protect yourself from windy weather during the winter season.

In Dubai, many indoor public spaces use powerful air conditioning systems. This is where scarfs or pashminas can help to shield your sinuses against the immediate transition from a warm or hot environment to a cool environment.

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5. Sunglasses Must Be Worn During Daytime

During your stay in Dubai, you’ll generally find sunny days. These sunny days consist of strong sunshine. If you’re driving on the roads or staying outdoors in the daytime, wearing sunglasses is compulsory to keep your eyes protected and prevent eye strain.

6. Pack Swimsuits For Visiting The Beach

Dubai provides various public spaces for relaxation and enjoyment. There are manmade beaches, jacuzzies, and swimming pools for both individuals and families to cool down in the blazing summer heat.

If you ever plan to visit any of these public spots, then it’s essential to pack comfy swimsuits. According to the rules and regulations in Dubai, keeping most of your body uncovered at public spots, especially for families, can get you detained.

7. Don’t Travel Without Proof Of Vaccination

After COVID people usually don’t really care about the vaccination. However, it is wise to keep vaccination certification as a must part of things to pack for Dubai. For the protection of its citizens, Dubai has kept stringent COVID-19 rules in place while traveling within the city or entering public spaces. You must be vaccinated and carry a COVID-19 vaccination certificate with you at all times when traveling in Dubai. Keeping the most recent PCR test documents are also necessary.

If you haven’t been vaccinated or don’t have the certificate, you can’t shift to Dubai.

8. Footwear Essentials For Walking

Having the right shoes for the right purpose can make walking easier for you whether you’re on sandy terrain or in the city center.

Sandals are relaxing for the feet, especially for women, and are recommended for wearing while commuting within the city center. Keeping a pair or 2 of sandals is worth it for both women and men.

If you’re at a beach or a swimming pool and don’t like shoes getting wet, having a pair of flip flops can work wonders. When not in use, keep your flip-flops in the shade; otherwise, they can become burning hot under the sunshine.

Another type of footwear that you must pack with you is trainers. Trainers make it easier to walk on uneven terrain and can even work if you’re wearing them within the city. Remember, socks are necessary while wearing trainers to prevent sweaty foot odor from occurring.

9. Hand Sanitizers Are Compulsory

You must equip yourself with hand sanitizers for protection against harmful germs. They can come in handy in case you arrive in an area where water isn’t available. Wet wipes can work as well.

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Dubai is an amazing city to live in, which consists of communities of people from different national backgrounds. Before you finish what to pack for Dubai, make sure that you’re equipped with all the Dubai packing essentials mentioned above so that your stay in Dubai can be worth it.

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