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How Many Days is Best for a Dubai Trip?

Dubai has a lot to offer to its visitors including the amazing family desert safari Dubai, luxurious shopping malls, hotels, an alluring skyline, cultural heritage, and futuristic ideas coming to life. Hence, anything you can imagine in this century, it’s either in Dubai or has not happened yet. So, planning a trip to Dubai can be difficult if you want to enjoy your tour to the fullest. So, follow this guide thoroughly to completely understand how a Dubai tour can be enjoyed the most as we have planned a 5-day trip for all the novices visiting Dubai for the first time.

Day 1: Arrival and Initial Exploration

Morning: Arrival and Check-In

The first thing when you land in Dubai is you go to your hotel, check in there, and freshen up a little. It doesn’t really matter what kind of hotel you’re staying because every hotel including the cheaper ones sets the tone for an unforgettable stay for you.

Afternoon: Discover Downtown Dubai

If you don’t feel tired from the flight already, here’s your time to visit Dubai’s luxurious downtown. You don’t need to buy anything if it’s out of budget but still visiting Dubai’s globally renowned Dubai Mall will boost you up to explore more. You can dine shop, visit the most famous Dubai Aquarium, and even visit the underwater Zoo at the same place. After completing your visit to Dubai Mall, go to the world-famous and tallest building on Earth that is Burj Khalifa. You can go straight up to 148th floor and look at the world from up above in a panoramic view. We promise you, it will leave you breathless if you’re fond of scenery and views.

Evening: Dubai Fountain Show

Dubai’s fountain show captures all the highlights when the night falls. It happens every 30 minutes and the mesmerizing dance of water fountains along with beautiful lights and music stuns everyone.


Day 2: Cultural and Modern Marvels

Morning: Visit the Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Historical District

On your second day in Dubai, visit the Al Fahidi Fort. A home for cultural heritage and historical records of Dubai transforming from being just a fishing village into a global tourist attraction. Dubai Museum will tell you all about Dubai and after finishing there, visit the Al Fahidi Historical District to see the traditional wind tower’s antiquated alleyways.

Afternoon: Explore the Jumeirah Mosque and Dubai Frame

In the afternoon, it’s the best time to visit the Jumeirah Mosque. You will see get a good understanding of Emirati culture reflected in that mosque which is one of the few mosques open to non-Muslims.

Protip: Try to have a guided tour of the mosque for a great experience.

Next stop is the Dubai Frame a beauty in itself, offering you a great view of both; new and old Dubai from its huge skyglass bridge.

Evening: Marina Cruise

It is the evening and time to conclude your day if you want to start fresh the next day. Hence, the best way to conclude your day around that area is to go to Dubai Marina where you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner and look at the views of Jumeirah Beach residence and Dubai Marina.

Day 3: The Ultimate Dubai Desert Safari

Morning: Leisurely Start

Morning time for the third day will have to be a little relaxing and late waking up so that you can digest and cherish the places you just visited lately. Wake up a little late if you’re not a morning person, have breakfast, or go to the nearest café to chill a little and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Afternoon: Depart for the Dubai Desert Safari

After taking a short break in the morning, you should go to the Dubai Desert Safari. Mostly the Desert Safari tours pick you up from the hotel if you’ve already booked them in advance. There you can have a full dose of adrenaline rushing through your brain by bashing the golden dunes with exhilarating 4x4s. If you can ride the 4×4, you can also drive it but mostly unskilled people get a professional driver to fully enjoy the ride.

Evening: Desert Camp Experience

As the sun sets, the safari continues at a traditional Bedouin-style desert camp. Here, you can enjoy a range of activities, such as camel riding, sandboarding, and henna painting. The evening is topped off with a delicious barbecue dinner, complete with a live entertainment show featuring belly dancing, Tanoura dance, and traditional music under the star-lit sky. This experience blends excitement with cultural immersion, making it an unforgettable highlight of your trip.

Day 4: Luxury and Leisure

Morning: Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis The Palm

If you’re traveling with family or you’re touring Dubai for a fun-filled visit, then you must go to man-made island called Palm Jumeirah. There are a lot of enjoyment options like The Lost Chambers, and Aquaventure Waterpark in The Palm Resort.

Afternoon: Relax at JBR Beach

After having lots fun, head to Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) to relax and have lunch or visit boutiques.

Evening: Sunset at Burj Al Arab

If you are not on a budget, you end your day with a visit to Burj Al Arab because its entry is exclusive. But even if you are on a budget, you can book your table at one of its exquisite restaurants to have a feeling of luxurious Burj Al Arab.

Day 5: Modern Attractions and Farewell

Morning: Visit Global Village or IMG Worlds of Adventure

Now comes the last day of your trip. This must not end without a visit to the Global Village and IMG Worlds of Adventure. These places have a lot of modernity to offer including the pavilions from different countries showcasing their cultures and offering shopping, dining, and thrilling ride experiences.

Afternoon: Last-Minute Shopping

Use your final afternoon for some last-minute shopping. Visit Souk Madinat Jumeirah for a blend of traditional and modern shopping experiences, or head back to Dubai Mall for anything you might have missed earlier.

Evening: Departure

Conclude your trip by heading back to your hotel to collect your luggage and make your way to the airport for your departure. Reflect on the incredible memories made during your stay in Dubai.

If you don’t think that this is enough time for you to sync in, you should plan your Dubai trip by getting a 14 day Dubai tourist visa. And double the time you spend everywhere to get the full essence of Dubai.


We’ve made you a five-day plan with a lot of exciting and enticing adventures and views. Your visit to Dubai will include full balance of relaxing and adventuring whether you visit the Downtown or its Desert Safari Dubai. This city offers everything in a single place for every kind of visitor leaving them in awe and a wish to come back soon.