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5 Considerations for Digital Nomads Planning to Live in Dubai

For digital nomads, the whole world’s a common market where they can show their professional skills and have a dynamic life.

Most of them prefer spending time in more affordable regions, like Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia.
However, it’s good to move to more luxurious areas from time to time, to see and experience something new.

In the last few years, Dubai has become an interesting destination for young digital nomads, equally for single workers and professionals with families.

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Considerations for Digital Nomads in Dubai

In this article, we’ll discuss the five top considerations for digital nomads planning to live in Dubai.

1. High safety

As reported by the OSAC, Dubai belongs to the group of the safest cities in the world. The entire United Arab Emirates have a very low crime rate, which makes the entire region a comfortable place to live.

The local authorities base most of their economy on trade and business operations that include working with foreigners. If they weren’t so strict, not so many businesspeople would come to Dubai neither for work nor pleasure.

As a digital nomad, you don’t have to be afraid that someone is going to mug you in the street or break into your house. You can enjoy your time in Dubai doing your job and enjoying the numerous facilities available for tourists in Dubai.

2. Wi-Fi Access

The local government provides Wi-Fi access throughout the city for both local people and tourists.

You get one hour of free Wi-Fi on your mobile phone daily. If you need more time on the Web, subscribe to the Premium package. Bear in mind that free access is available to local UAE phone numbers. This means that you should get a local mobile phone number and subscribe to the Premium model to enjoy high-speed Internet 24/7. The daily subscription is AED 5, which is about $1.36, or AED 25 (about $6.80) for 7 days. Basically, you’ll pay about $25-$30 per month for access to high-speed Wi-Fi.

This sounds like a reasonable solution because you don’t have to sign a contract with any cable or Internet provider. You pay a monthly Wi-Fi subscription while you’re staying there and that’s it – a practical option for digital nomads.

3. Plentitude of Amenities

One of the global business hubs, Dubai offers numerous leisure amenities.

For starters, you can go to the opera. The new Dubai Opera House has been recently opened near the Dubai Mall. After seeing a performance at the opera, take a stroll to the mall, where you can enjoy the underwater zoo, the aquarium or ice skating. Of course, this mall hosts every single relevant fashion brand in the world. So, digital nomads, prepare your wallets and get ready to loot the shelves.

Moreover, Paramount Company, as the owner of the Paramount Hotel and Residence in Dubai, built a beautiful move theater, with screening rooms the same as the ones in the Paramount headquarters in Hollywood. When you finish your visit to the movie theater, go for a drink to the infinity pool on the rooftop.

Dubai offers a fair amount of greenery, as well, given that it’s a desert town. Probably the most impressive green area is the Al Barari Residence, which is mostly organized as a huge park with themed gardens. In addition to walks, you can enjoy yoga classes or wellness treatments.

Finally, Dubai has hundreds of hotels and other accommodation facilities for every pocket and every budget. This is something that digital nomads will appreciate. You can live in one part of the city and then move to a more expensive or affordable property, if necessary.

4. Great Global Connectivity

When a digital nomad goes to live in Belarus or Mongolia, the living costs are low, but it’s more difficult to organize weekend trips or longer visits to other destinations. Such countries are affordable, but they’re usually not well-connected with other parts of the world in terms of flights, train lines, and other forms of transportation.

With Dubai, things are completely opposite. From there, you can get by plane to any relevant city in the world. What’s more, the Dubai Airport is an important link between Europe, Asia, and Australia. This means that you can get anywhere in the world in less than twenty hours.

While staying in Dubai, you can go on lots of daily excursions to other parts of the Emirates or surrounding countries. There are religious and cultural excursions, as well as culinary tours of the area.

5. Business Opportunities

If you’ve come to Dubai as a digital nomad, you probably already have a properly paid job. Still, it’s good to know that Dubai is a city of business opportunities. Hundreds of renowned global companies have their branches in this city, which makes it a competitive and encouraging business environment.

For instance, you might find a steady job in Dubai and leave the position you’ve worked at when you arrived there.
What’s more, families coming to Dubai often stay there longer than they’ve planned. The main reason is that parents realize that they can handle two jobs at the same time for several months or even years and save more money than expected. This is also possible due to a variety of top-notch childcare services in Dubai. So, if you’re planning to move with your family, shop around to find the right nanny agency in Dubai on time. The fact that business professionals from all parts of the world gather here is a guarantee that daycare centers and kindergartens offer competitive and versatile educational programs.

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Dubai is the city of future. What once was a mainly oil-exporting city is now a true business hub in which every business professional can find their place. Together with its various amenities, it attracts digital nomads, as well, who come and spend some time in the contemporary business Babel. The tips shared above will help you get to know Dubai and plan your stay ahead.

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