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What Do You Need To Do To Book a European River Cruise?

While there are multiple cruise options available throughout the world, nothing is comparable to European River Cruises. These cruises are some of the most popular in the world, offering exciting opportunities to see the best landscapes, food, art, entertainment, and more. Each cruise is a unique chance to discover a European destination in an intimate setting and see everything it has to offer. Cruising along popular rivers like the Danube, Moselle, Douro, Main, Rhine, Rhone, and more is the perfect way to see some of the most stunning European cities, including Paris, Budapest, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, etc.

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Booking a European River Cruise

European River Cruise

When it comes to booking a European River Cruise, you have multiple options. Authentic Voyages offers a wide range of cruise itineraries based on cruise lines, countries, cities, rivers, and more. These itineraries come complete with all the locations you would want to visit on your trip around Europe and allow you to have access to a wide range of fun activities planned by industry professionals and tourism experts.

Cruises By Rivers

You can select your favorite itinerary based on the European river of your choice. You can choose from a selection of European rivers, including the Danube, Seine, Rhone, Rhine, Moselle, Main, Elbe, and Douro rivers.

Cruises By Country

Almost all European countries offer European River Cruises with varying ports of call and tourist attractions. Each country has something unique to offer to all cruise-goers. You can choose your itinerary based on different European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, and more.

Cruises By Cities

The truly incredible lineup of European cities that offer European River Cruises include Amsterdam, Berlin. Paris, Brussels, Budapest, Bucharest, Lyon. Munich, Cologne. Hamburg, Heidelberg, Nice, Nuremberg, Passau, Portugal, Salzburg, Porto, Vienna, Zurich. Wurzburg, and more. You can choose the itinerary that features all your favorite cities and activities.

Cruises By Line

Authentic Voyages features three distinct cruise lines for European River Cruises. These include the Viking River Cruises, Scenic River Cruises, and Uniworld River Cruises. All three cruise lines are top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art vessels that feature all the luxuries and amenities you would expect from a top-tier, five-star hotel. All vessels feature a host of fun activities and learning experiences that allow you to experience each location in-depth.

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Planning Your Next Cruise Trip

Planning a Cruise Trip

After nearly two years of global lockdowns and international travel restrictions, the cruise industry is slowly resuming its functions, thanks to the global efforts for vaccination. People who wanted to go on a cruise trip but could not do so due to the pandemic can now travel again as various cruise services have started pushing out their itineraries for the 2022-23 seasons.

If you have been looking forward to going on a European River Cruise, getting vaccinated is one of the most important things to do when planning your trip. You can check the website of your preferred cruise line to see the traveling requirements and have your vaccination card with you at all times so that you can travel without any hassle.

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No matter what city, river, country, or cruise line you choose, you can rest assured that cruises in Europe will have the most luxurious living amenities, excellent food, wine, and music, and a wide range of onboard fun activities to make your trip memorable and enjoyable.

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