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3 Tricks to Show Proof of Accommodation in Dubai

Proof of accommodation is often required when you travel to a foreign country. It shows that you are indeed serious and plan to stay in the country. Many countries are sick and tired of goofy people who come to stay in a country in hostels forever and don’t leave like a parasite. Countries need rich people who come and enrich the countries by buying their foods, spending money on luxury hotels, and overall entering more money into the country. This is why Proof of accommodation in Dubai is essential.

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How to Show Proof of Accommodation in Dubai

The Question is Do I need to buy real? You can. But you don’t have to. There are tricks to save money on this requirement that is widely used by digital nomads and you can adapt now.

Recommend paid option – You can use proof of accommodation on this for a small fee If you are out of luck and booking doesn’t work in this country for pay later trick.

In this case, you are forced to buy a real ticket or use a service that provides it for a small fee.

This option is the most recommended. It allows you to have proof of accommodation on the way to book now and pay later. So you can just book a ticket and never arrive at the hotel. The reservation can be beneficial even if you don’t come. Keep in mind that it does not work in all cities/all countries so keep that in mind.


You can simply book a low-ticket hotel in Expedia on a hostel (for 10-15$) for 2 nights. Then you can get a ticket (A proof of accommodation ticket) That can serve you on your travel needs.

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Is Proof of accommodation always required?

No. In fact, many countries don’t ask this. But you never know. They may add this requirement and you want to be ready for all scenarios in case they surprise you and ask you for a hotel ticket. If you don’t want to buy before arriving in the country you must bring at least a reservation to show the officer. This can save your trip from cancellation in extreme scenarios when travelers don’t get it.

Can I get my flight canceled if I don’t provide it?

Yes, you can. Some countries are strict on this demand and some will be more understanding and let you win. But you don’t want to take the risk right? If you are a risk taker, at least have appropriate clothes and speak like a gentleman, this will increase your odds of passing without proof of accommodation.

What gets from providing it for free?

Many hotels get better traffic when they offer the pay later option and get a superior position on Many hotels are willing to take the risk because their rooms are never booked fully so it is worth it for them to get more visitors from while taking into consideration that many people will not arrive.

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