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Your Ultimate Guide on Moving to Dubai in 2022

Once a small village, Dubai is now one of the famous cosmopolitan cities. It heads the list of the most popular destinations worldwide in 2022. Moving to Dubai is an exciting opportunity. So, it does not come as a surprise that thousands of people globally give it a thought.

However, such a relocation seems simple only at first glance. Meeting legal requirements and being able to afford living there is the tip of the iceberg.

Probably, the right call is to give the city a “trial period.” It means that you can rent an apartment in Dubai and see how it goes for a month or two (permitted stay as per valid tourist visa). Now, let’s review some tips that definitely will be useful should you consider moving to Dubai for good.

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Obtaining a Visa

Apply to UAE Visa

Your legal ground for visiting Dubai and staying there is the visa. Assuming you intend to move here permanently, you can acquire such permission by obtaining a UAE residence visa. Here are the three ways to receive it:

  • Be hired for a full-time position. This way, you obtain both a residence visa and a Labor Card.
  • Invest in property. If you invest more than 1,000,000 AED (about $272,257), you may apply for a Property Investor residence visa.
  • Become a student of a university of Dubai. If a university accepts your application, you can receive a student visa. However, you should either be qualified for the university sponsorship or be sponsored by an individual with a valid residence visa.

You should make an appointment with a UAE embassy for additional information regarding your residence visa. You can always apply for an online consultation, but a face-to-face meeting is a preferable option.

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Laws and Traditions of the City

Dubai Housing Societies

It is important not to forget that Islam is the official religion of Dubai. So, life here proceeds according to Sharia Law. For example, some communication traditions in society dictate the following:

  • “Yes” may mean “No.” Dubai residents tend to be indirect communicators. It means that they’re unlikely to say what they actually think. Pay particular attention to their gestures and mimic if you see that they struggle with giving an immediate answer.
  • Small talk is common. These are typical preludes to business discussions. So, do not be surprised if you will have to visit quite a few meetings in restaurants before proceeding with contract signing.
  • Hierarchical structures are paid great attention to. Show due respect to individuals in a higher position and use titles as appropriate.

Besides the unspoken rules, there are laws the violation of which may even result in a jail sentence. Here’s a list of several local legislation that may seem weird to foreigners but should understand them before moving to Dubai:

  • No kissing in public. Public displays of affection are not welcomed in Dubai. But more than that, kissing and cuddling in public areas may be considered obscene acts and violations of the UAE law.
  • Clothing restrictions. Women here are expected to be moderately dressed. Clothing should cover the stomach, shoulders, and back areas. Men typically wear long pants and collared shirts.
  • No photography in public places. Of course, pointing a camera at locals is highly unethical and absolutely not welcomed. Moreover, it is prohibited to take photos of some government buildings and post them.

Luckily, people here tolerate unintentional breaching of their traditions. Just remember not to discuss religion or criticize Islam on any matter. Such misconducts are rarely forgiven.

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Housing and Employment Search

Housing Apartments in Dubai

You will never enjoy your life in Dubai if you choose the wrong place to live. Give the housing market here a decent search, so your wishes and requirements are met. A real estate agent’s services may be very helpful.

Besides, you may consider such a “trial” visit as your chance to obtain a residence visa. For this to happen, you should additionally look for employment options. Get acquainted with the local labor market and find out if workers of your specialty are in demand there. You can check out the list of top 20 highest paying jobs in Dubai nowadays.

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Amazing Dubai Infrastructure

You should be familiar with the means of transport you will be using during your residence in Dubai. Your options here are the following:

  • Metro. Dubai has a modern and effective metro system consisting of two lines. The cost of a ticket depends on its type and the number of zones you intend to pass. The prices vary in the range of 1.5-17 AED ($0.41-4.63).
  • Bus. Costs for traveling by bus start from 2 AED ($0.54) per ride, depending on the number of zones as well.
  • Taxi. Drivers here charge less compared to some European countries and U.S. states. It makes taxi services a fairly affordable and convenient transportation method.
  • Car. You also may move here with your car. As an alternative, you may purchase or rent a car in the city. Prices for such services start from $16 a day.

Plan your moving to Dubai mission wisely, and this place will leave plenty of memories to treasure.

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