10 Things to Keep in Mind While Dating in Dubai

With more than 80% expats, amazing parties on every day of the week, active nightlife, and the luxurious living standards Dubai can be the perfect place to have most memorable dates. A general assumption is that though Dubai is very open to the tourists and expats still it is an Islamic state. Due to strict laws, you should follow some rules while dating in Dubai such as Sex outside of marriage or even public display of affection can put you in deep trouble. If you are looking for some perfect dating tips with girls you should check out bridesbay.com.

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Dating in Dubai Tips and Rules

Here we are going to mention things and rules to keep in mind while dating in Dubai.

1. Public Display of Affection (PDAs) is Strictly Prohibited

Public Display of Affection Dubai

The first thing you should know while dating in Dubai is that kissing in Public and showing any kind of public display of affection to your partner is strictly prohibited. Especially if you belong to a Western country, you should understand that even holding hands in public can send you to jail.

2. Sex Without Marriage is a Crime

Sex Without Marriage in Dubai

Dubai is an Islamic state and sex without marriage is considered a big crime in Islam. Though with so many expats living in Dubai it is impossible to do that especially if it is not considered bad in your culture. So you should at least not talk about openly about your sex life in public.

3. Do not Curse and Swear in Public

swearing in Dubai
Cursing, Swearing and using bad language is not allowed in Dubai. So you should mind your language even if you are involved in some kind of fight. Speaking politely and with manners is a must thing in Dubai. You should keep the TV, radio or Music volume down in your apartment or in the car. Also, you should keep your voice down while talking to others.

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4. Moving in with Partner is Illegal

Moving in With Partner in Dubai

In Sharia laws, unmarried men and women can not live under one roof alone. So living together without officially marriage status is illegal in Dubai. So you have to live separately even if you are seriously involved with each other.

5. Choose Public Places for Dating instead of Club and Bars

Clubs and Bars in Dubai

In Western countries where mostly couple chooses to date in Clubs and Bars on weekends or after work. In Dubai, you have more and better options to take your date. Also due to a multi-cultural society, it may be quite possible that your date may don’t drink at all. Also, this may cost you a fortune as well. Instead, you can take your date to many other amazing attractions in Dubai like on top of Burj Khalifa, Skii Dubai etc.

6. Trust Issues

Dubai Expats

Dubai is also known as a transit destination for professional expats. Usually, expats in Dubai spend some years in Dubai and then either move back to their countries or move to some other destination to get settle down in their career. That is why most of the expats you meet in Dubai are living in Dubai not more than five years. So mostly expats don’t fell in for long-term relationships. Also if you ask questions about themselves they will tell you their stories but you have no other option left of not believing them. So there is always a trust issue in believing someone.

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7. In Dubai Men Likes to Lead

Men in Dubai

You may don’t know that 70% of the Dubai population is consists of men. Men here in Dubai usually like to dominate the relationship. But that doesn’t mean that he is arrogant or rude. This is how things work in Dubai as most of the expats are from Asian countries and they usually have men dominating societies back in their countries.

8. Internet Dating is More Common

online dating in Dubai

There may be a possibility that every person you date is from internet/social networking sites. Life in Dubai is very busy and it is always hard to take time out of tough daily routine. With long working hours, the best way to date in Dubai is on the internet. There are many dating websites and apps in Dubai where you can find like-minded dates.

9. Keeping it Secret is Better

Secrets in Dubai

Dubai is a liberal city but still, this is not recommended that you go around and talk about your love and sex life openly. This can lead to frowned eyes and unwanted questions. So you should not bring up this kind of subject to anyone unless you trust the person.

10. Culture Differences

Multicultural in Dubai

Despite Dubai is a home of more than 200 nationals, Mostly expats do not willing to date or have relationship with people who are not from their country or religion. That makes it very difficult to find a perfect match while dating in Dubai. Even sometimes they don’t even mix up very well and tend to keep their social life limited to those who share the same culture, religion, and background.